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We provide a range of resources and training opportunities to support girls' and women's on-going leadership development.

Leadership development in the Girl Guide and Girl Scout Movement


The Girl Guide and Girl Scout Movement has been empowering girls and women as leaders for over 100 years. From the moment a child promises to “do their best”, they step into a values based leadership development journey. This nurtures and celebrates who they are and what they can bring to the world around them.

As they grow, Girl Guides and Girl Scouts use this experience to take the lead in their own lives. As adult volunteers, they become inspiring role models for young people and visionary leaders of the Movement.

Girl Guides and Girl Scouts develop their leadership in the Movement, but they practise it in all aspects of their lives. They reach goals, inspire others, care for the world around them, overcome gender barriers and make positive changes in their lives and communities.

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WAGGGS’ definition of leadership

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For WAGGGS, leadership is a shared journey which empowers us to work together and bring positive change to our lives, the lives of others, and our wider society. A good leader is a lifelong learner who consciously deepens their understanding of different contexts, draws on different wisdom, using this to collaborate with others and make a difference.

Our new leadership model is a model of leadership practice. Your “ways of being and thinking about the world” is the foundation of who you are as a leader. The WAGGGS leadership model uses a system of six mindsets as the main tool to make leadership practice conscious and to consciously influence reactions, reflections, choices and behaviours.

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80 per cent of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts worldwide say being part of the Movement has given them the aspiration to make a difference in society.

Leadership and Opportunity for Young Women, University of Exeter/WAGGGS study initial findings, 2018

Leadership development in WAGGGS

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Since 1932 and the first Juliette Low Seminar – our flagship leadership development event – we have been supporting our members in their leadership journeys. We offer our national Associations a range of leadership development opportunities. These include resources, volunteering opportunities, training, exchange programmes, good practice sharing, World Centre seminars and specific regional initiatives.

To make sure this remains relevant and accessible to our Member Organisations, we are currently rethinking our leadership offer. We will be developing it in collaboration with our Member Organisations until the next World Conference in 2020.

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