Action on Body Confidence

Speaking out to make change in our communities

8 out of 10 girls are so concerned with the way they look that they opt out of important activities.

Imagine a world where no-one felt this pressure. WAGGGS and Dove have been working together on Free Being Me, our body confidence badge programme. Since 2013 we've reached over 3.5 million young people in 120 countries... but there’s still more to be done!

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Introducing Action on Body Confidence

Action on Body Confidence supports girls to plan and run their own advocacy projects. Girls identify the biggest body confidence issues in their community and plan a project that asks decision makers for change. Find out more and download the badge programme and learn how to run the programme with your group with online training through GLOW.

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All about Advocacy

Action on Body Confidence gives Girl Guides and Girl Scouts the opportunity to make a lasting change to the way their society works, working towards a world where there are no appearance-pressures. Find out about advocacy and speaking out.

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The Dove Self Esteem Project

Together we are uniquely placed to empower a generation with the body confidence and freedom to be themselves. Find out how we're working in partnership towards a world free of appearance-related anxiety.

Find out more about Free Being Me

Since 2013, Free Being Me has been helping young people learn that body confidence and self-esteem come from valuing their bodies, standing up to social pressures, and supporting others to be more body confident. Explore Free Being Me and visit the website.

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“Our girls will be more confident to voice their opinions and to take action and influence people on the issue they are fighting for.”

Ma Rosalina, Philippines

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