Young women and volunteers speak out about a range of issues at local, national and international levels

Voices from around the world

082017 Rwanda Divine

It’s time to change the story.

16 Days of Activism 2017: On International Volunteer Day, Ana María Mideros calls for a safe world for every girl

16 Days of Activism - Angela - South Africa

Violence impacts every part of life

16 Days of Activism 2017: Violence impacts how we dress, how we act and where we go

16 Days 2017 - Guadance

Rebuilding a life with the Girl Guides

16 Days of Activism: “I lost my business, my reputation and my self-esteem”

Katie Dykstra

Connecting charities and supporters

The amazing app designed and built by a Girl Scout connecting charities with its volunteers

2 Circle of girls doing activity

Give girls an education

Ana Maria Mideros blogs about why girls deserve to go to school

082017 Rwanda - group hug

Girl Guides speak out for #IDG2017

Meet the Girl Guides of Rwanda breaking barriers to education!

082017 Rwanda - girl and group smiling

When I think of education, I think of…

Across Rwanda, girls can face barriers when it comes to getting an education. With the support of the Girl Guides, girls are finding ways to return to their school with the knowledge they won’t be left behind. Here, girls reveal what object represents education to them…

1 Divine standing alone

Divine's story

Violence, early pregnancy, sugar daddies - growing up as a 12-year-old girl guide in rural Rwanda

Fatma and Khouloud

Girls Scouts in Tunisia tackle extremism

Les Scouts Tunisiens is combatting extremism and promoting tolerance through an innovative grassroots project...


Tunisian Girls Scouts fight for equality

Girl Guides and Girl Scouts share their experiences of what it’s like to grow up in Tunisia – and reveal why they’re committed to combatting violence, sexism and extremism…

Gorreth Maria Nassaka - YESS girls participant

YESS Girls can change lives

Gorreth, 22, Uganda

Louise Kirby

Helping girls to love their bodies more

Writer Louise Kirby blogs about what Free Being Me has taught her and her daughter about body confidence...

Ruby and Angeli

Youth participation is a right!

Ruby is a Girl Guide Leader from New Zealand. She is currently in New York, attending the UN’s High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development…

Angeli, Philippines

Making the SDGs mainstream

Angeli is a volunteer with the Girl Scouts of the Philippines. She is in New York taking part in the UN’s High-Level Political Forum…

Campfire in Tunisia

First aid, campfires & the president

Last week, our World Board Chair Nicola Grinstead travelled to Tunisia with João Armando Gonçalves, Chairperson of the World Scout Committee. Here's what happened...


I deserve to be a leader

Syrian Girl Guide Leader Rim, explains how the war affected her country, the impact its had on her life and why championing girls' rights is so important to her...

Sham, Syria

Body confidence breakthrough

Girl Guide Leaders from Syria recently travelled to Sudan, joining fellow Girl Guides to train over 70 leaders on Free Being Me – a joint programme from WAGGGS and Dove, focused on empowering girls with the body confidence and the freedom to be themselves.

Joumana - World Refugee Day

Our dreams shouldn't be destroyed by war

Arriving in a new country after war broke out in Syria, Girl Guiding provided 13 year old Joumana much-needed joy and laughter

Olympia in warehouse in Greece

World Refugee Day 2017

Anita Tiessen is inspired by the young people building a brighter, more tolerant world for refugees

My life as a refugee chad - Clarisse

My life as a refugee Guide in Chad

Fleeing the war in the Central African Republic in 2002, Clarisse and her family sought refuge in Southern Chad. Her Guide unit offered friendship, support and skill development that transformed her life.

Uganda Girl Guides menstrual hygiene

Why girls must be proud of periods

WAGGGS' YESS Girls Movement is educating boys and girls about why periods are something to proud of and why myths associated with menstruation must be banished.

Ravina - archery

Never place boundaries on your dreams

Ravina, 25, is part of the Bharat Scouts & Guides and a National Archery Player, based in Delhi, India. Drawing inspiration from her family and the Girl Guide Movement, she’s determined to put a stop to violence…


There's still a way for girls to go

Girl Guide Harini, 18, from India, girls are starting to gain small freedoms, but there's still work to be done

09_2015_Stop the Violence_hands_stop_National training_zone 2

Why girls and women are valuable

WAGGGS Advocacy Manager, Jean-Ann Ndow, shares her story about why she wants to put a stop to violence

Subi, Nepal 2

Why I want to rebuild my country

Girl Scout, Subi, reveals how her training is helping her support survivors of Nepal earthquake

Rina Shrestha 2

Girl Scout supports earthquake survivors

Why Nepal Girl Scout Rina Shrestha put the needs of young women first

Rob Pyke marathon runner 2017

I’m ready to run!

Rob Pyke is all set to run the London Marathon for WAGGGS on Sunday 23 April

Nigerian Girl Guides

Why we still need to care about Chibok

Joyce Sambo, 21, from Nigeria, reveals how she felt when she heard about the Chibok kidnapping nd why Girl Guides in Nigeria rallied together to make their voices heard

Alphonsine and daughter

Surviving the Rwandan genocide

"For many years I did not want to talk about it," reveals Alphonsine Kabagabo, who opens up about how she rebuilt her life after the Rwanda genocide.

Helen Storrow 2017 - SDGs

We have potential to change the world!

Eshi shares her experience at the Helen Storrow Seminar 2017

Zain, Syria - letter

Girl Guides and Girl Scouts pen letters

Ten excerpts from letters written by Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world


Why body confidence matters

Why girls must be given the opportunity to develop body confidence

Robert Pyke

My first marathon

Unilever's Financial Director Robert Pyke runs his first marathon for WAGGGS

Emma U-Report

Girl Scout rocks ECOSOC

Emma Brushaber, 18, USA

2015_Anita Tiessen_Chief Executive Officer

The price of not valuing gender equality

Anita Tiessen, CEO

CSW61 Delegates

CSW - A whirlwind of a week

Youth delegation speaks out at Commission on Status of Women

Action 14: Advise your government

2016 - your stories

Members blogs and pictures from 2016

Two girls

Power and passion of girls

Why the power and passion of girls must prevail

2016_Malta_women march against violence

#16Ways in #16Days: Provide solutions

Action 15 - Joyce

Chamathya leads a Stop the Violence Workshop in Sri Lanka

#16Ways in #16Days: Chamathya

Action 11 - Build a coalition

Action 14: Advise your government

#16Ways in #16Days: Kurlyne

Action 14 - Advise your government

Azza Nasr, 35, from Egypt

#16Ways in #16Days: Azza

Action 13 - Campaign for change


#16Ways in #16Days: Ana Cristina

Action 12 - Donate to the Stop the Violence fund (or another organization in your community)

#16Ways in #16Days: Ditainivanuavou

Action 10 - Help survivors of gender-based violence stay safe by establishing or supporting local services

2016 _ Malaysia _ girls play washing line game 16 days blog

#16Ways in #16Days: Thammy & Azizah

Action 9 - In your community, raise awareness to stop violence against girls and women

Girls learning about violence in Togo

#16Ways in #16Days: Anita Tiessen

Action 7 - Speak out to ensure girls are treated equally in your school, college or university

Girl Guides in Togo are training teachers

#16Ways in #16Days: Annie

Action 8 - Demand for education on healthy relationships to be part of the school curriculum

italy stv

#16Ways in #16Days: Stefania

Action 4 - Work with men and boys to prevent violence against girls and women

Emily Markey

#16Ways in #16Days: Guides & Girl Scouts

Action 5 - Model respectful and equal relationships

Boys in Rwanda speak out at an anti-violence club

#16Ways in #16Days: Ange & Germaine

Action 6 - Start an anti-violence club in your school

112016_India _ Chhavi painted hands

#16Ways in #16Days: Chhavi

Action 2 - Listen to the voices of girls and women and learn from their experiences

Free being me mexico

Why mental health matters

CEO Anita Tiessen blogs about why it's important to encourage girls to be the best they can be

112016_ Edith Chukwu

#16Ways in #16Days: Edith

Action 1 – Speak out! Challenge discrimination and violence against women

Kate Roff

Kate Roff

From flat tyres to global views: How a Girl Guide used her skills to become a leading news editor

Veronica Ayala,

Habitat III: Girls speak out

Veronica Ayala blogs about her experience at Habitat III

2015_Anita Tiessen_Chief Executive Officer

Anita Tiessen

Give girls a voice and let them change their world

092016_Malawi_Team Girl Lucy running group activity

Lucy Nkhoma

Meet the young woman from Malawi empowering girls to live healthier, happier lives

2014_ IDG16 Campaign _ Group activity Chamathya

Chamathya Fernando

Meet the brave young woman leading the charge to end violence against girls in Sri Lanka

082016_ IDG campaign Mirna Portrait

Mirna Ines Fernández Pradel

Meet the young woman who’s battling climate change in Bolivia

092016_Tunisia_ Team Girl Champion Naouel Ghali

Naouel Ghali

Meet the Tunisian trailblazer who’s providing job opportunities for young women

Olympia and her team preparing donations in Greece

Olympia Tsamasfyra

Meet the woman inspiring girls across Greece to support refugees

Working together for the SDGs

Guest blogger Halka, from the FAO, explains how we're working together to make the Global Goals a reality


Countering hate speech in the community

We interviewed WAGGGS Post-2015 Ambassador Yvonne Akoth about her work on issues affecting refugees. Read the interview to find out why Yvonne set up her own non-profit organization

062016 _ Kuwait _ World Refugee Day

Living the Promise and Law in Kuwait

Girl Guides in Kuwait have been supporting refugee communities near and far for 20 years, providing supplies and a helping hand as the need arises.

082016 _ USA _ Emily Rodriguez at UN Novus Summit

The Novus Summit, UN

Emily Rodriguez, UN Team New York

072016_Stop the Violence_Ana Cristina from Costa Rica

Ana Cristina: "Guiding gave me strength"

As President of the Guides and Scouts in Costa Rica, Ana reflects on her own experience to highlight the importance of implementing Voices against Violence in her country

2016_UK_Ashvini Rae

Ashvini - The Girls Education Forum

Ashvini went to the Girls' Education Forum, a UK event driving the implementation of Global Goal 4: universal quality education. Read her blog after the event, and find out what Guides in the UK are doing to make sure all girls get a quality education!

2016 _ Costa Rica _ Karina Villegas Bermudez

It’s time to say Stop the Violence!

Karina Vellejas is a member of Asociación de Guías y Scouts de Costa Rica, and part of a team of leaders working to bring the Voices against Violence curriculum to Costa Rica.

2016_Costa Rica_Maria Laura

Guiding gave me space to learn & develop

Maria Laura, Costa Rica, joined Guides when she was 14. Read how she feels the Movement has enabled her to learn about the world

062016_Lebanon_Lynn holding a box

Boxes of Hope - Lynn

Lynn Bergaoui and Young Leaders from Al Jarrah Girl Scouts Association in Lebanon recently organized a distribution of food supplies for refugees in the Beirut area.


Voices against violence in Costa Rica

Zahyra Espinoza is leading the Stop the Violence project in Costa Rica with Anayancy Villegas Bermudez. She explains why it's time to say no more.


The right to live without violence

As we launch a Crowdfunder campaign to help end violence against women and girls in Costa Rica, Karla Álvarez Díaz talks about what the project means to her.

052016_Greece_Guides sorting donations

“We give our help to the people”

Members of the Greek Guiding Association have been helping people arriving as refugees across the country. Read how in our latest blog

052016_Lebanon_Lebanese Guides play with refugee children and hoops

One of the greatest things I've done

Lebanese Leader Nidaa Chikhani describes how she felt supporting and working with refugees in Lebanon.

122015_Canada_Group donation to refugees

Helping Canada’s newest residents

Girl Guides in Canada have been welcoming refugees into their communities and new children into their schools

042016_Greece_Guides running activities with refugees

That smile was our strength to continue

Margariti Stamatia is Leader of the Sea Rangers of Kos, Greece - she wrote about her experiences of the current humanitarian crisis, and how the Sea Rangers of Kos have been helping people arriving on the island.

052016_Stop the Violence_Yuuka, Japan, Voices against Violence trainer

We are more than 10 million!

Yuuka, Japan, reflects on her experience at UN conference on Education for Global Citizenship

310516_Ghana_JLS16-Day 1 - Super Violets

JLS 16 Day 2 – Me as an Agent of Change

The Transformers Patrol reflects on day two at the Juliette Low Seminar 2016 - where the participants have been exploring how they can be Agents of Change


Day 1 - JLS 2016 - Akwaaba!

The Super Violets patrol share their experiences so far

Magdalene Anthony Utouh

I’m excited beyond measure for JLS2016!

Magdalene is among 68 young women from 48 countries attending the Juliette Low Seminar in Accra, Ghana next week.

Angeli Monique Siladan - Women Deliver blog

Turning Dreams to Actions - Angeli

Angeli Siladan will be making her way to Denmark from 16 - 19 May for Women Deliver's 4th Global Conference: The world’s largest global conference on the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls and women in the last decade.

Free Being Me ethiopia

Free Being Me comes to Ethiopia

Free Being Me comes to Ethiopia

022016_Sri Lanka_Zoe blog girls doing paper activities

Dear Future Girl Guide - Zoe Carletide

What would you say to a Future Girl Guide?

Loza Tsegaye

Meet our Ethiopia Guiding Champions

Meet the young women who are bringing Girl Guiding to Ethiopia

032016_CSW60_Germaine from Rwanda leading an activity during an event

Germaine's reflections on CSW 60

"I want to take the lead in showing the world the role girls and women have to play"

032016_CSW60_Olivia, UK, doing a Free Being Me press interview

"Body confidence matters"

Olivia, CSW 60 delegate from the UK, speaks about the impact of our Free Being Me event

032016_NYC, USA_ CSW 60 Delegates

How to leave a whole room speechless

WAGGGS Youth Delegate Paula Neher reflects on our Voices Against Violence side event at the Commission on the Status of Women

Krysta Coyle - Canada CSW60

Working to empower all girls - Krysta

Krysta reflects on the effect of the Commission on the Status of Women

Helen Storrow 2016

Helen Storrow Seminar 2016

Daily updates from participants

032016_CSW60_Imen from Tunisia speaking with microphone

Imen speaks out at Youth CSW Forum

Imen from Tunisia shares her experience of leading change at the Youth CSW Forum

0216_CSW60_Anna from New Zealand

Demand a Better Future - Anna Spencer

Anna shares her thoughts in the days leading up to the UN's 60th Commission on the Status of Women

122014_Sangam ACTIVATE event_stop hands_group photo

Let your light shine - Amy Quinn-Graham

Amy Quinn-Graham reflects on what the ACTIVATE events and the Stop the Violence programme mean for girls and young women around the world.

Emily Rodriguez

ECOSOC Youth Forum at UN HQ in NYC

Emily Rodriguez shares her experience as a WAGGGS youth delegate participating in the Youth Forum of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) at the United Nations in New York City from 1-2 February.

2015_India_Surf Smart Programme_Internet Safety_Three girls

Top 10 tips for being Surf Smart

In this digital age, where young people are rarely more than an arm’s reach from their devices, it’s more important than ever to protect yourself from online risks.

Nefeli Themeli

5 ways to Connect on World Thinking Day

World Thinking Day 2016 is now less than a month away. We hope you’re getting excited to connect and celebrate our global Movement together!

"Nicola Grinstead"

International Volunteer Day

Today we celebrate International Volunteer Day.

Heidi Jokinen

Volunteer Voice - Heidi Jokinen

To celebrate International Volunteer Day (5 December), we are launching a series of interviews with some of our brilliant, talented, and incredibly committed volunteers across the world.

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