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We impact the lives of millions of girls and young women ever year thanks to the hard work of our dedicated volunteers.

Volunteering is at the very core of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting. Our Movement is both run and led by volunteers who work continuously to empower girls and women, supporting them to develop their fullest potential and contribute to making the world a better place.

We, the WAGGGS Global Team - a multi-disciplinary team of staff and volunteers- are led by elected volunteers who run both our World Board and our five Regional Committees. These volunteers work on everything from governance and capacity building to policy and events. They also make the work of the WAGGGS Global Team more accessible by translating everything into our 4 official languages: English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

Volunteering to support the WAGGGS Global Team, and thus the Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting Movement, has many benefits from personal development growth to fostering global connections.

Why do we need a volunteer pool?

  • We want to offer learning and leadership development opportunities. Many national Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting associations have told us that volunteering with WAGGGS globally and regionally is a valued retention opportunity for leaders, and we want to increase access to this opportunity. When you endorse an adult member to join the WAGGGS volunteer pool you give them an opportunity to experience international Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting. Being part of this volunteer pool allows them to have access to more opportunities and cascade their learning down to a national and local level - as well as build relationships and make new friendships from across the global Movement.
  • We want to be inclusive, transparent, and fair.
    • Having a pool enables us to recruit on an ongoing basis. All you have to do to increase the opportunities to access an international experience for your adult members (i.e. those over 18 years old) is to advertise the WAGGGS volunteer pool and endorse those who share WAGGGS' values and have the potential to succeed in a highly diverse, international, and digital context.
    • Through this pool, we were able to set up a standard process for recruiting volunteers with very clear criteria that all regional and global teams follow when they have a need to recruit. We offer more opportunities to more young women and avoid having one person hold multiple major roles.
  • We need to be agile. We are often compelled to advertise opportunities with a very short turnaround. Having a pool of already endorsed volunteers enables us to recruit them easily, and to have a diverse team.
  • We want volunteers to benefit from a consistent experience. With improved information management, and more opportunities to work cross-regionally, including better support for volunteers who speak French, Spanish, and Arabic, as well as a better system to express interest in different projects, we aim to ensure a high-quality volunteer experience for all our volunteers.
  • We need an overview of what our volunteers do on both regional and global levels. This allows us to recognise their work, and emphasize the impact of their volunteering.

We are committed to putting in place all the tools, processes, and procedures to ensure a great volunteer experience for all.

This means we have a standard process for joining the WAGGGS volunteer pool. To learn more please read the information sheet, the terms of reference for the volunteer pool for more details, and use the recommendation form to propose talented new volunteers for the pool.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this process or volunteering with us, please write to us at volunteer@wagggs.org

Samantha Yarmiy volunteer

Samantha Yarmiy, Canada Girl Guides

I love volunteering for WAGGGS because I've been able to learn facilitation tools that work not only on a local level but also on a global level. Through volunteering for WAGGGS I've been able to meet people from all over the world and develop lifelong friendships!

María José Gallardo Pérez volunteer

María José Gallardo Pérez, Chile Asociación de Guías y Scouts de Chile

In my journey I have surely motivated others with my actions and stories, we will never know how far we can touch other hearts, what I am sure is that during this year of volunteering I have gone further and higher challenging myself again and again, having the certainty that we all have our place.

Micaela Lagoria volunteer

Micaela Lagoria, Asociación Guias Argentinas

Being a volunteer for WAGGGS is a way to discover the world and to be in contact with girl guides from other countries. It gives me the opportunity to contribute to the leadership of girls and young women who are part of the movement. I volunteered at my Member Organisation in the Western Hemisphere Region and I also volunteered at a World Centre (twice). Now, I am a global volunteer as a CAT Assistant and with the translator & interpreters team.

Volunteer with us

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