Volunteering Opportunities

Thank you for your interest to volunteer with WAGGGS, below are featured descriptions of our different volunteer opportunities.

You will see that we are always looking for people with a diverse set of skills, and we hope that you can join a project that excites you!

Please note that you can only apply for volunteer opportunities via our volunteer pool. Check this page to see how you can join the volunteer pool.

We are currently looking for different profiles to support the Volunteer Engagement Team.

Celebrate volunteers impact

Team: Volunteer Engagement Team

Term: 6-month role

Languages: EN, FR, SP or AR - does not need to be English

Are you a good storyteller? Work with us to celebrate the impact that WAGGGS volunteers have, and how they thrive and learn thanks to volunteering.

We are looking for one volunteer for a period of 6 months to collect and then share stories of personal growth and social impact of volunteering with

WAGGGS. Stories will be shared on Mobilize (our volunteer management platform), on the WAGGGS website once per month and occasionally on other media.

You can find good stories and create content for different media and targets.

Interested? let us know by writing a comment on Mobilize by the 3rd of December, please share previous content you created if you have any!

Template creation!

Team: Volunteer Engagement Team

Term: 1-month role

Languages: EN

We want to ease the life of our volunteers managing other volunteers - and create few templates they can use in their work, instead than having to re-invent the wheel every time!

Are you good with words and like playing with visuals?

Would you like to create few templates (both visuals, and email/letter templates) that managers of volunteers can get inspired from in their work (or use them as they are)?

Can you dedicate about 4h a week until the end of December to work with us?

Comment on this opportunity on Mobilize by the 26th of November

Monitoring and Evaluation - Volunteers experience

Team: Volunteer Engagement Team

Term: 4-month role

Languages: English, FR can work too

Are you a qualitative data and a survey geek?

Do you know how to build short simple surveys that measure what we want to measure but do not bore respondents? you are good in data analysis?

We have an M&E framework, and we know what we want to measure with different target groups - we need help to build a few short surveys that can help us

monitor volunteers experience overtime.

This is a role lasting 4 months, but we would like the survey(s) to be ready to go by the 10th of December, so the first couple of weeks will be busy (5 h per week)

and then you can forsee 2h per week of volunteering.

Can you help us? write a comment on Mobilize as soon as possible!

Are you interested in one of these roles and you are not on our Mobilize platform yet? write to us leadingforherworld@wagggs.org

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