Join the WAGGGS Volunteer Pool

Every year we impact the life of million of girls and young women in the world thanks to the hard work and dedication of our volunteers.

We are continually seeking enthusiastic volunteers to join our dedicated volunteer pool, which is comprised of adult members from WAGGGS Member Organisations, i.e. national Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting associations from across the globe. When you become a part of our volunteer pool, you gain access to a wealth of exciting opportunities. These include the chance to apply directly for various volunteering roles, stay updated with the latest news about WAGGGS and the broader Movement, and access a wide range of educational resources and learning tools.

How do volunteers join the pool?

To become a member of our volunteer pool, you'll need to follow a few steps:

  1. Receive Support from Your Member Organisation (MO): Volunteers must be officially recommended by their respective Member Organisation. To initiate this process, please refer to the actions outlined for Member Organisations provided below.
  2. Acceptance and Invitation to Campfire: Once your recommendation has been reviewed and accepted by us, you'll receive an invitation to join our online platform known as Campfire. Upon accessing this platform, we encourage you to introduce yourself and connect with fellow members. Keep in mind that new volunteering opportunities will be regularly posted on Campfire, so make it a habit to check the platform for updates.
  3. Online Induction Meeting and Self-Guided Process: As a new member of the volunteer pool, you'll also be invited to participate in an online face-to-face induction meeting. Additionally, you'll gain access to a self-guided induction process designed to familiarize volunteers with WAGGGS policies, procedures, and network operations. During this phase, you'll be requested to review and sign our Terms of Reference.

These steps are designed to prepare you for effective contributions within the WAGGGS community. We can't wait to welcome you to our pool of dedicated volunteers!

Why is the volunteer pool so cool? 🌍

The volunteer pool is where WAGGGS staff and volunteers from all corners of the globe connect and collaborate! Once you're in, you'll dive into exciting, hands-on projects. It's like joining an incredibly diverse family that shares your values and passions.

As part of this vibrant community, you'll:

  • Learn about Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting worldwide.
  • Share best practices and unique approaches.
  • Grow your leadership skills alongside international friends.

Ready to join? Ask your Member Organisation for a recommendation! 🌟

Volunteer profile

To join our volunteer pool, here are some key requirements:

- You should be over 18 years old.

- You must be an active member of one of our 153 Member Organisations.

- Proficiency in one or more of the WAGGGS official languages: English, French, Spanish, and Arabic is important for effective communication (both written and spoken).

- You should possess an open-minded and adaptable attitude, with a willingness to embrace new experiences.

- Commitment to practicing the WAGGGS leadership model is essential. Learning resources are available on our network.

- Embracing a global perspective is crucial, as our network is incredibly diverse. We are dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive space for all members.

Actions for Member Organisations

If a member (18+) from your Association wishes to volunteer for WAGGGS, they must first join the volunteer pool. To initiate this process, volunteers need a recommendation from their Member Organisation. To support a volunteer, please follow these steps:

  1. Review the information sheets provided below for a comprehensive understanding of the process.
  2. Complete and sign the recommendation form, which will be provided.

By joining the pool, your members will:

- Connect with fellow members from various WAGGGS Member Organisations.

- Gain access to numerous learning opportunities.

- Have the ability to apply for volunteering positions advertised openly on the volunteer network and our website. Please note that only individuals already in the volunteer pool will be eligible to apply for these opportunities.

1/ Read the Information documents:

2/ Complete and Sign the Application Form

3/ Return the form to

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