Regional Committee

Regional Committee

The WAGGGS Europe Committee was elected by delegates at the 15th European Guide Conference, which took place in Norway in June 2016.

MarjoleinMarjolein Sluijters, Netherlands  


Marjolein was a Scouting Nederland board member from 2008-2014, where she was responsible for international affairs, risk management and programme work. 

She’s been a Girl Scout for over two decades and learned a lot from her peers across the world.

 By day, Maria is a project manager, where she empowers people to take the lead in their social environment. 

She is excited about her new role and is looking forward to creating more opportunities for members and giving Guiding and Scouting experiences to more young people and supporting them to grow through the Guiding method.

ElineEline Marie Grøholt, Norway 

Vice Chair

Eline was elected to the Europe Regional Committee in 2016. She will be working on a portfolio of external relations, as well as focusing on the strategic work of the board. She feels there is much to be gained from joining forces and advocating for girls’ and young women’s rights. 

Eline hopes she can bring in "new ideas and explore different ways of working and communicating. The Member Organizations are delivering so much good Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting every day, and I want to support and grow that as a member of the WAGGGS’ Europe Committee".

LilitLilit Chilingaryan, Armenia

Lililt is an active member of the National Union of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts of Armenia. She has previously been a member of the training committee, the education committee and the National Board as International Commissioner. 

At an international level, Lilit has volunteered at Pax Lodge, been a member of External Relations and Communications Core Group of Europe Region and represented WAGGGS at the Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe. 

Professionally, Lilit is an economist with a Masters Degree in World Economics. 

She says that Girl Guiding has provided a world of opportunities to grow and develop her potential. She is keen to be a positive change for other young girls. 

Petra StipanicPetra Stipanič 

Petra believes every girl and women already has the power in herself to make change if she’s given an opportunity to do so. WAGGGS has allowed Petra to express those super powers of leadership, commitment, passion and courage. She’s keen to use her skills, to bring out the best in members and create opportunities so they can participate equally/meaningfully in society. 

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