How Young People in Hong Kong are Changing the Face of Decision-Making

The Young Women's Think Tank (YWTT) is a group of 18 young women from Hong Kong, aged between 18-30 years old, who are committed to promoting meaningful youth participation in decision-making processes. They focus on event-based, MO-based, and unit-based engagement with young women.

The Young Women's Think Tank (YWTT) was not created due to a specific program or related to a conference. Instead, the whole organization wanted to have more involvement of young women, which inspired an international commissioner to build the think tank. Members of the YoWo Think Tank are different from other rangers in that they look at committees, study motions, and give recommendations at MO level to improve the structure and help achieve the girl-led movement. They ask questions such as whether the current committee decisions benefit young women and whether they apply to the current world.


The YWTT has been one of the major talent pools to send people into the youth committee. They collaborate with the think tank to have study groups, look at motions, and get involved in discussions.

During the 14th Asia Pacific Conference, the YoWo Think Tank had four young women out of the ten Hong Kong Girl Guides Association (HKGGA) delegates. They posted on social media and invited women on the global think tank to join in the discussion and then compile and reflect these in the delegation meeting.

Young Women Think Tanks at the 39th World Conference in Cyprus (2023)

The Think Tank is an example of meaningful youth participation in which governance and decision-making processes are driven by young women.

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