An event for youth, planned by youth

In just over a month’s time, Roverway will take place in Norway. Around 6000 participants’ preparations are underway and among them are a few extraordinary representatives. Each contingent has had the opportunity of assigning two participants as Rover Representatives. We met one of them and asked a few questions!

Svetlana Oružinská, a member of the Slovak Contingent, is very much looking forward to Roverway 2024. However, Roverway won’t be her first international experience as she has previously attended the Central European Jamboree 2022 in Czech Republic and the B.M.F. Scout ERASMUS Camp in Malta. This year she will be able to tick off Norway on her bucket list.

Svetlana Oružinská

How would you describe the role of a RoverRep?

“It is a participant like any other who can take part in the organisation of Roverway 2024 and help the Contingent Management Team. When I talk about the role of a RoverRep, I usually use the word ambassador since in my opinion, it is the best word to describe the post”.

According to the host, Speiderne i Norge - Guides and Scouts of Norway, one of the benefits of RoverReps is to get an overview of the organization and develop their own organizational skills. RoverReps have also been invited to Contingent Management Team meetings.

Svetlana already attended a few online meetings and a face to face meeting in Stavanger. Talking about her involvement in the planning process, she says: “I had the chance to share my input and thoughts on the program and organisation of Roverway. We as RoverReps helped to brainstorm the names of the subcamps, shared experiences from camps in our home countries and presented our ideas regarding the program of the paths and main camp”.

Svetlana Oružinská_2

Why is it important to include youth in planning and decision making?

A main focus of Roverway 2024 has been to include many young people in the planning. Besides RoverReps, a huge amount of young people are involved in the Steering Committee and remaining planning team. Svetlana believes that if you are to organize an event for youth, who better to tell you what the event should look like than the youth itself? She adds: “Moreover, when young people are allowed to have a say in creating such a big event, maybe in the future they won’t be afraid to take on the organization themselves. I believe it is crucial to involve the youth to build a natural succession”.

What are you looking forward to most about the camp?

“I’m probably looking more forward to the path part of Roverway, since my patrol and I will spend a few days in Sweden before travelling to the main camp in Stavanger. We are the only patrol of the Slovak Contingent to travel outside Norway. Moreover, I’m also looking forward to learn about other cultures and the atmosphere of Scandinavia”, Svetlana states.

Roverway will take place from July 22nd to August 2nd, beginning with five days of attending paths in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Afterwards, all participants will top the experience with the main camp taking place in Stavanger, Norway.

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