Remembering Fabiola Canavesi

It is with great sadness that we heard of the passing of Fabiola Canavesi

It is with great sadness that we heard last week of the passing of Fabiola Canavesi, former member of the Europe Region Committee (2004-2007) and Chair of the Europe Region and member of the World Board (2007-10).

Fabiola was a long-serving, dedicated leader and trainer in Associazione Guide E Scouts Cattolici Italian (AGESCI), who also severed as International Commissioner of her association and of the Federzione Italiana dello Scautismo.

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We are very grateful to Lara Tonna, who served on the Europe Committee with Fabiola, for sharing this heartfelt tribute:  Working hand in hand with Fabiola as her Vice Chair was a true learning experience, for which I am so grateful. I still remember the events where we were together to celebrate Guiding and Scouting in Europe such as conferences and international camps and the intensive days of discussion and hard work when we met with the Europe Committee to discuss and plan the strategy for the region. Fabiola was an exemplary leader who believed with a passion in Guiding and Scouting. The best way to describe her is that she was a woman of substance.  The tributes over the last few days are true evidence of how much she was deeply loved and respected.  Fabiola walked the hard road with determination and strength.  She fought wholeheartedly and faced the challenge that has unfortunately taken away her precious life with resilience and courage. Fabiola never felt sorry for herself but looked ahead and made her days count.  She was not only my ‘Chair’ but also a friend and sister in Guiding, whom I could look up to and trust.  I feel so honoured that after our committee days we kept in touch and met to spend precious time together.  Fabiola’s loss is immeasurable for her loved ones – her husband, Piero, mum and siblings – as well as all those who crossed paths with her.  Yet, loving memories will remain forever as Fabiola will be remembered in a thousand ways. Her legacy, and the lives she touched through Guiding and Scouting, and her personal and professional lives, will live on forever. Rest well my dear friend”.

Fabiola will be remembered by many for her steadfast commitment to Guiding and Scouting joint work in Europe Region. Craig Turpie, Chair of the European Scout Region at the same time as Fabiola, shared the following:  “I count myself as being incredibly fortunate that our paths crossed, and that I had the opportunity to spend time volunteering alongside someone so dedicated to the needs of all young people, especially girls and young women, and the role that Guiding and Scouting could and should be playing in creating a better future.”

Fabiola will be much missed by her many Guiding and Scouting friends around the world. Our thoughts are with her family and all those who knew her at this time. 

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