"At Brownies I learn to help my neighbours"

Adila, Fiji


9, Fiji Girl Guides Association 

I’m Adila, part of the Rose Girl Guiding group with the Fiji Girl Guides Association. This World Thinking Day I’m turning 10.

Where I live birthdays are celebrated with a birthday cake. A gift is given to the birthday boy or girl. I save my school money and buy what I want on the day.

On my birthday I will wear a purple party dress and my parents will take us out to eat at Chicken Express. I’m not sure what gift I will receive.

It is fun growing up in Fiji. After doing our homework we play tag, hide and seek and soccer.

At Brownies I learn to help my neighbours when they do not have something like sugar, salt or flour. Sometimes my father gives his car to friends who need to use it. My favourite part is helping people.

World Thinking Day is a time to think about how different people work and live. This year my group will bring food for a party.

Guiding makes an impact in my community by helping our neighbours and making friends with them. Together we can help the country.    

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