"Being a Brownie is really fun"

Annie, UK


9, Girlguiding UK 

I’m Annie and part of the 2nd Malmesbury Brownies unit. 

This 22 February I will turn 9. 

I am from Wiltshire North District in the South West Region of the UK. I will have a party with my friends for my birthday. We will have special party food and cake. 

In my family we have a special breakfast on our birthdays. We choose what we want – our favourite food. I am going to have a birthday cookie! We have presents and we sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and blow out candles on a cake. Annie-UK

This year my birthday is on a school day. In the morning I will get up and have my breakfast and then get into my uniform ready for school. Before I leave I will open some presents from my family and friends. I am hoping for some Lego.  When I get home from school I will have my tea and go to Rainbows to help my mum who is the Rainbow Leader. We will be having a World Thinking Day party. Next, I will go to Brownies and take cake to share with my friends. 

The UK is a nice country to live in. I live in a village in Wiltshire which has lovely countryside. I am happy living here. It is good to grow up here as a girl because you are free to do whatever you want to do. I like going to school, learning and being with my friends. 

Being a Brownie is really fun. My favourite part is being a seconder. This means I’m responsible for helping the younger girls.

World Thinking Day is a day to remember the people who started Brownies and Guides. We can also think about all the girls who are Rainbows, Brownies and Guides in different countries. We are all excited because World Thinking Day is on our Brownie night this year. I think we will have a Thinking Day party. We might light candles and think about Brownies all over the world.

In our community Guides take part in events like the town carnival, which raises money for local charities. We have also done Race for Life which raises money for people with cancer. Other girls should get involved because it is really fun and you get to try out things you have never done before.

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