Thoughts from Europe Region Chair Eline

Eline shares her thoughts on 2020 so far

Like most of the world, WAGGGS Europe has also had to move online this year. We have gone from a model where we mainly delivered our programme and support through events and travelling around Europe on country visits, to be seeing each other in front of our computers. I’m amazed at how well it has worked overall. Imagine if we had to do this before the internet!

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While a big part of our lives over the last few months have been spent in front of the computer, I have also noticed another trend: taking a time-out in nature. Less travelling has made it easier to balance the time dedicated to volunteering with other free time.

Going on hikes with friends was what attracted me to scouting and guiding in the first place, and this year I finally managed spend some nights in a tent again. It reminded me of all the good memories I have from adventures with my local group, and why I continue to dedicate time to WAGGGS still today: To give more young people the opportunity to join scouting and guiding and share experiences with friends all over the world.

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WAGGGS Europe is increasing its work on sustainability. And going digital is absolutely a part in making volunteering more sustainable both for the environment and for our work-life balance. We will probably keep many of our meetings online even when travelling opens again. But it cannot properly replace seeing each other smile in real life.

Eline Grøholt

Chair - WAGGGS Europe Committee

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