"In Barbados girls have the same opportunities as boys"

Rachel, Barbados

13, Girlguiding Barbados

In Barbados, birthdays are usually celebrated by going out with friends or family and eating. Other people might prefer to have a big party or sleepover with friends. Most people are given presents for their birthday as well as birthday cake.

In my family, we usually go out to a restaurant. For children, on milestone birthdays like 5, 10, 16 or 18 years old, a party is thrown and they invite friends. The person also receives gifts and a birthday cake.

This 22 February falls on a Thursday. I will go to school and Guides. After that, I will either go to a restaurant with my family, or get dessert. The weekend after, I will go out with a few friends.

Barbados is a very small island in the eastern part of the Caribbean. It is 166 square miles and gained independence in 1966. It is known for beautiful sandy beaches and warm climate. Cricket is the national sport, but we also have a popular indigenous sport called road tennis. Rihanna is one of our most famous people, along with Sir Garfield Sobers.

In Barbados girls have the same opportunities as boys. We get free education to secondary level and are expected to work hard to make sure we can get a proper job when we grow up. 

In Barbados, being a Guide is very enjoyable. We take the Guide Promise and Law very seriously. We meet and interact with girls from around the island. My favourite part of being a Guide is working on a variety of different badges, but especially the Craft badge, as I am a very creative.

World Thinking Day is a time for Guides all around the world to stop and think about our sisters; especially those living in poverty, forced to fight in war, or suffering from the impact of a natural disaster. We also think about the role Guiding plays in our lives and how we can make a difference in the world. This year my group will celebrate World Thinking Day with a parade and church service on 25 February. However, across the island different units have been completing a number of activities from the Impact Pack throughout the month of February. 

Girl Guiding has made, and continues to make, a positive impact on the lives of girls and young women in my community. It helps to shape them into role models for others. Other girls should join Guides because it’s fun and will teach them skills like leadership, time management, confidence and communication. Badges show if you work hard towards your goals, you can achieve them; all you need to do is put in the effort. Being a part of Guides, means you are a part of a special sisterhood forever. Once a Guide, always a Guide.

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