"I feel proud to be a girl guide"

Ahura, Maldives


11, Maldives Girl Guides Association 

I am a Girl Guide with the Hibiscus Green Group, based in Male, the capital of the Maldives. 

Here we celebrate our birthdays with cake cutting and inviting family to a small gathering. We start our birthdays right after 12am. My Mum and Dad put gifts near my bed so I will be surprised when I wake up.

This year I really hope my family throws me a big surprise party inviting my family, classmates and friends. I want to eat my favourite chocolate mousse cookies. I want to wear a big gown with fancy lace; I always wanted to be a princess. This year I want to touch snow and visit Disneyland, which is my dream. Ahura-Maldives

I am from the Maldives which is known for its tropical weather with many inhabited and uninhabited islands with beautiful reefs. To grow up here is like a vacation for me. I get to see the beautiful ocean with white sandy beaches whenever I wish. I love it here. 

Today our society respects men and women, it involves more women in decision making. Here everyone has independence and respect for each other.

I feel proud to be a Girl Guide, we learn so much from our leaders. The best part is learning new things every day, meeting new people and helping others anyway I can. 

World Thinking Day is a day when we get together, celebrate and appreciate other countries and cultures. We decided to collect information from different regions of the world, including Asia and Europe.

It is my wish for more girls to join Girl Guides. Being a Girl Guide helps us learn new things, experience more activities and meet more people.

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