Mujeres jóvenes y voluntarias hablan sobre una serie de cuestiones relativas al ámbito local, nacional e internacional

Voces de todo el mundo

RO Candidate for Vice President (INGYO) YFJ

European Youth Forum Nomination

Nomination for Vice President (INGYO) of the European Youth Forum


A blog from Beirut, Lebanon

Yasmine, a Girl Guide from Lebanon, talks about the efforts of Guides and Scouts rebuilding her city


Empowering girls to advocate

Angelika Joy Binas is a Girl Scout and Advocacy Champion for Girl Powered Nutrition (GPN) in the Philippines.


Ending the Culture of Gender Inequality

Kathleen Vivas is a Girl Scout and Advocacy Champion for Girl Powered Nutrition (GPN) in the Philippines.


Menstruation should not restrict options

Nirmala is a Girl Scout from Nepal. She introduces the Freedom Kit Bag


Blog: Breaking the silence on periods

Sonakhi, India, is a Young Women’s Advocacy Champion taking part in the Action on Body Confidence programme partnership by Dove and WAGGGS.


Blog: Educating on gender-based violence

YESS Girls in campaign against gender-based violence

Faustine_in_office_before_lockdown.max-800x600 (2).jpg

Blog: Being a YESS Girl During COVID-19

Faustine is one of this years 2020 YESS Girls programme participants. Here is her account of being a YESS Girl during challenging times.


Día de la Tierra 2020

Un blog de Solène, guía francesa y representante de AMGS sobre el tema de la biodiversidad.

Europe Blog Post April 2020

Responding to the Covid-19 crisis

European guides and girl scouts respond to the Covid-19 crisis

2020 World Health Day blog post

Healthcare professionals - the heroes

A blog by Nikayla Karell Odi, youth advocate and peer educator of Youth Advocates for the Philippines and Senior Girl Scout of Girl Scouts of the Philippines for World Health Day 2020

Tan Ejin

Women are Not Doraemon

A blog by Tan Ejin on gender equality in Malaysia

IWD - A taste of freedom blog

A taste of freedom

Pamela, from Kenya, is a Youth Engagement Unit leader and Trainer, and an advocate for gender equality in her country and across Africa.

Women Economic Forum Ljubljana Grand Hall

Women Economic Forum 2020

Petra Stipanic reports from the Women Economic Forum in Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Sophie Nelson blog

What girls wear, or how they look

Last week, a UK Member of Parliament, Tracy Brabin MP, hit the news not for her policies but for her outfit.

Jade Delgado

Gender equality to scale up nutrition

Jade Delgado is a Girl Scout and Advocacy Champion for Girl Powered Nutrition (GPN) in the Philippines.

Ireland blog JLS 2019

JLS: A view from Ireland Hub

JLS: A celebration of the visionary leader, instrumental in WAGGGS’ history and development to create Girl Scouts USA.

Through her eyes blog - Francine Beatriz Pradez

Through Her Eyes

Francine Beatriz Pradez, Girl Scouts of the Philippines, is a Former Alternate Regional Girl Representative to the Central Board and Girl Powered Nutrition National Advocacy Champion.

Joint WAGGGS/WOSM logo

WAGGGS Europe Wall of Women

Are you a young woman in a decision making role within your Membership Organisation? If so, we would like to hear from you!

Menstrual Hygiene Day

Every Day is Menstrual Hygiene Day

Two years ago, Sonakhi Rumi, an 18 year old ranger (senior guide) from India, had her period when she was taking her 10th grade exam.

Olivia Solman

Representing WAGGGS at the EYF

Two of our Europe Region Volunteers represented us at the Council of Members of the European Youth Forum

Pippa Gardner _ STV 16 Days blog

Introducing Pippa Gardner

Pippa Gardner is nominated as a candidate for the Advisory Council on Youth by the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts

Nabeela - blog post

Raising nutrition awareness in Sri Lanka

Nabeela Iqbal, Sri Lanka

Kellysya Shah

Guiding gives me the extra push I need

Kellysya, Malaysia

Lucia Ruvarashe Ndanga

Guiding has opened my eyes

Lucia Ruvarashe Ndanga, Zimbabwe/Uganda

Rachael Graham

We’re all part of a sisterhood

Rachael’s view of the Guides is hugely optimistic, and in some ways really quite simple.

Candela Gonzalez

I found my place in the world

Guiding has a vital role in helping her country develop, and build better opportunities for women.

Network Meeting 2019

Network Meeting 2019

Advocacy, peer education, active citizenship, youth rights, skills development and new friends were on the agenda with over 50 participants at the network meeting in Brussels 2019.

Rosalyn Old

The skills Rosalyn will bring to the YFJ

In her final blog post before the General Assembly, our candidate for the Board of the European Youth Forum, Rosalyn Old, outlines the key skills she would bring to the Board including enthusiasm, her dedication to making change happen and representing the voice of young women.


Good governance is the key

As the General Assembly of the European Youth Forum is getting closer (taking place 22-24 November in Novi Sad, Serbia), our candidate for the Board, Rosalyn Old, continues to share her priorities should she elected to the Board. In this blog, Rosalyn discusses the importance of governance and her ideas for creating the next strategy of the European Youth Forum!


Building a generation of leaders

Hanitra delves on why nutrition for girls in Madagascar is so important and how Girl Powered Nutrition and the SUN Youth Leader for Nutrition programme can make a difference.


Jade from Philippines on nutrition

Jade, a Girl Scout from the Philippines, shares her experiences from the Youth Leader for Nutrition programme and how she is supporting the Girl Powered Nutrition in her country.

Rosalyn's Priorities

Representing young women

At WAGGGS we work every day to champion the rights of girls and young women and to empower them to change the world around them. On this International Day of the Girl, I’m going to share with you one of the key ways in which we ensure that the voices of our members are heard - through the European Youth Forum.

Ines Goncalves

Ines, Portugal

Quiero que seamos la última generación con historias #metoo para compartir.

Rachel, new zealand, Roverway

Rachel, 16, Nueva Zelanda


Social Avengers

Los refugiados siempre tendrán un hogar

Los refugiados siempre tendrán un hogar en el Guidismo y Escultismo Femenino

CSW62 - Hannah giving speech

Hannah, 19, Reino Unido


Ecuador 1

Estamos aquí. Somos chicas rurales.

Estamos aquí. Somos chicas rurales.

Praise Adeyemo, Nigeria

Quiero ver una sociedad incluyente – libre de estereotipos de raza, color, educación, clase o estatus.

Helga, 27, Tanzania

Beliefs and traditions that undermine women should be completely eliminated.

Roverway - opening ceremony Zeewolde

Roverway - Gender and Diversity Toolkit

The Europe Region launches new Gender and Diversity mainstreaming toolkit

WTD 2018 Rwanda case study

Odonie, Rwanda

"Girl Guiding contributes a lot to my community. We don’t just have fun; we seek solutions to problems."

Roverway 2018 opening ceremony

Roverway 2018 - highlights

Read about week one of Roverway 2018!

Dua, Pakistan

"Women here face many difficulties and problems, but we remain strong"

Dream the Way 2018 Volunteers yellow shirt polo t-shirt group picture smiling fun nature

Dreaming the Way to Roverway 2018

More than 60 volunteers from WAGGGS Member Organisations around the world gathered in Soest, The Netherlands, to prepare for Roverway taking place in July 2018.

Queen Maxima at Roverway kick off

Queen Máxima at Roverway kick-off

Queen Máxima visited Scoutinggroep Hubertus Brandaan in Voorburg on 10th July for the kick-off of Roverway 2018


Guiding means being an active citizen

Guiding means being an active citizen


Ozeh, Nigeria

Growing up as a Girl Guide is exciting


"We help our community"

"We help our community by performing many tasks"

At Brownies I learn to help my neighbour

At Brownies I learn to help my neighbours

"En Barbados, las niñas tienen las misma

"En Barbados, las niñas tienen las mismas oportunidades que los niños"


Youngseo, South Korea

Girl Scouts serve my school and community


"Think of others before ourselves"

"WTD is a reminder to think of others before ourselves"


"I feel proud to be a girl guide"

"I feel proud to be a girl guide"

Heena, 18, India

"As a Guide I have been given values and ethics which have helped me to grow up and become more independent"


"Being a Brownie is really fun"

"Being a Brownie is really fun"


Megan Hunt, New Zealand

"Running long distances has always been something I hated, I just believed it was something I couldn’t do – so wouldn’t try. But then WAGGGS was looking for runners so I signed on."

WTD 2018 Palestine case study

Veronica, 17, Palestine

"Guiding groups have a great, positive impact"

The team in Strasbourg

WAGGGS goes to YO!fest

WAGGGS volunteers took part in YO!fest 2018 with thousands of other young Europeans. Want to know what we did there?

Roverway - opening ceremony Zeewolde

Roverway 2018 - day one at main camp

Valentina from Chile shares her experience at Roverway

Dinner debrief

Day 2 at Yo!Fest

The Europe Region External Relations team had another exciting day of activities and events at Yo!Fest in Strasbourg.

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