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Donate to the WAGGGS Giving Day

From 14th - 15th June is WAGGGS’ Giving Day is back, in support of the bright futures of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world.

Our global Movement is coming together for 36 hours of inspiring stories, celebration and giving. It’s going to be great fun, but it has a vital purpose.

By showing your support for WAGGGS’ Giving Day, you will be helping make sure that girls and young women around the world can continue to benefit from our innovative education programmes, leadership development and advocacy work – all of which provide life-changing opportunities and experiences.

This Giving Day, your donation, no matter its size, will make a difference. You Give, for Her World.

What impact will my gift have?

  • Arab Region Confernece - young member smiling


    could pay for stationary materials for a WAGGGS Stop the Violence programme training in two countries

  • 042015 Stop the Violence Child Protection session in Zambia ACTIVATE


    could fund a travel grant for a young woman to visit the Sangam World Centre in India where she will make friends for life

  • Surf Smart India


    could pay for three scholarships for young women to attend the Juliette Low Leadership event in 2022

By giving a gift today, you are helping create a world where all girls can thrive and feel confident to lead to create a better world together.

You could even make this gift a regular monthly, quarterly or annual payment to give more than one girl this opportunity. This is great way to create lasting impact on the life of a girl or young woman who is part of one of 152 Member Organisations at WAGGGS.

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