I am my own seed

15 year old Lauren Almalvez of Girl Scouts of the USA shares the story behind her environmental project "Ecojunkie Toolbox"

Ecojunkie Toolbox.jpg

Lauren hosting an outreach table using the Ecojunkie Toolbox at the Treepeople restoration site

My love for the environment is like a seed. Girl Scouting nourished me with rich experiences. I jumped at the chance to earn the Naturalist badge when I joined Girl Scouts of the USA as a Cadette. I became active with an environmental organization called TreePeople as I worked on more badges. These experiences enabled me to branch out and pursue a Girl Scout Gold Award project on motivating people to plant trees and care for the environment.

I love talking about environmental stewardship and motivating people to take action for the environment. I was delighted to participate in outreach volunteering at an environmental education fair in March 2019. I handed out flyers to people and promoted the various programs that TreePeople has to offer. It was not easy to start a conversation using flyers. I observed that the exhibitors with more than just flyers on display got more foot traffic at their tables, and I knew that I needed to find another way to share my knowledge and experiences.

So, after more volunteering, I proposed a project with TreePeople. The idea evolved as I brainstormed with my advisor and the “Ecojunkie Toolbox” project was conceptualized in February 2020. I created three outreach tools in shoebox sizes, each with different themes around the organization’s mission and programs.

Despite the challenges in coordinating the project activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I worked with many individuals at TreePeople. I met with the Youth Outreach Coordinator and the Senior Manager of Educational Tours. I presented to the community organizers for a trial run. I analyzed their various suggestions and developed a unified theme for each toolbox.

In May 2021, I did outreach with the Restoration Program Manager at a reforestation site in the Angeles National Forest. For the first time, I used the Ecojunkie Toolbox to talk with hikers, campers, and cyclists, all in-person. The outreach tools made it easy for me to start the conversation and to encourage others to take action.

I provided Ecojunkie Toolbox outreach tools to TreePeople for continued use. I also shared my Girl Scout Gold Award project through online presentations at the Valley Plaza Branch Public Library Teen Council and at a US Forest Service Generation Green meeting.

I feel accomplished after my Gold Award project. I was able to use my creativity and love for the environment to lead a project that helps my community. I hope to further spread environmental awareness and empower everyone I meet to take action for the environment. I am like a seed that has grown to bear fruit.

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