Georgette Eaton, UK

So, I’ve swapped my running shoes for some very funny trainers (cleats) that attach to my pedals.

I got a place! I told my mum (she’s in Girlguding too). She was really pleased, she asked me how my training was going. I sent her this picture:

This was taken by my very helpful and supportive fiancé (and bike-riding buddy) Will. He cycles (thankfully) so has been helping me start to clock up my mileage. 

Evidently, hills are a bit of an issue. I checked out the route from last year’s RideLondon. There are hills. 

We live in Oxfordshire, so whilst not exactly mountainous, there are hills aplenty. Today, I felt like there were too many hills! 

So, the training has begun. I’m trying to not eat too much chocolate and I have swapped my running for cycling every other day/three times a week. I’ve set up my fundraising page!

I would be delighted by any support (and wishes of luck!).


Help Georgette on her way to cycling an incredible 100 miles! You can add your support to her Virgin Money Giving fundraising page - Georgette Eaton

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