"Guiding groups have a great, positive impact"

Veronica, 17, Palestinian Scout Association

WTD 2018 Palestine case studyI celebrate my birthday with my family. Some of my friends surprise me with presents and cakes of all kinds. Some of them bring me clothes and others bring me photos as a memory. As for my family, they gave me a piece of jewelry. At the end, we play songs, eat candy and have a good time. 

For World Thinking Day my group performed activities. We talked about guiding life; what we do, those who founded it and in what year. We did this with a presentation and a video. At the end, we played games and were presented with candy and juice. 

Guiding groups have a great, positive impact on building the character of the individual in terms of self-confidence and taking responsibility. As a result, Guides become informed, responsible and contributing members of society. This works towards the development of society in all aspects, it also helps people in need. 

Some of the volunteer work I've done to make a positive impact through Guiding includes visiting the elderly on Mother's Day and presenting them with roses. We visited people with special needs and an orphanage which we donated supplies to.

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