U-Report is a social messaging tool that gives you a voice on the issues you care about. We've partnered with UNICEF to bring U-Report to Girl Guides and Girl Scouts!

Join the global community of over 3 million U-Reporters from 130 countries who have already registered and are answering polls, shaping the world and sharing their stories online!

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It's simple - follow @UReportGlobal on Twitter or send the word 'JOIN' on Facebook Messenger on the U-Report Global Facebook page!

We know every voice counts, but it is easy to feel like one view or opinion can get lost in the crowd. With U-Report every single Girl Guide and Girl Scout can take part on a conversation designed to capture your experiences and share them with the world!

WAGGGS U-Report Manager

You can join U-Report from anywhere in the world and represent your own views and those of your community. As U-Reporters we speak out on the issues impacting our lives and those around us whether it is climate change, corruption, health of children or access to education for all.

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Jean-Ann Ndow | U-Report Manager

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