WAGGGS has partnered with UNICEF to provide an online space for girls and young women to speak about the issues they care about!

Getting ready to join in International Day of the Girl 2020? Check out our poll for you to take part in and we have a competition you can enter!

What is U-Report?

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U-Report is a mobile and youth empowerment platform created to gather young people’s views and opinions. In an easy and youth-friendly way, girls answer to thematic polls either via Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp.

They can also take part on livechats on those themes, connect with young people from around the world and support WAGGGS and UNICEF campaigns.

With U-Report, every single Girl Guide and Girl Scout can take part on a conversation designed to capture their experiences and share them with the world!

Ines, U-Report Manager

How does it work?

Anyone can join U-Report by sending the the word “JOIN” to U-Report Global on Facebook Messenger. Once you become a U-Reporter, you will regulary receive polls created by WAGGGS on different themes.

In the couple of minutes that it takes to complete a poll, you are raising your voice out to the world.

U-Report poll example

This is how a U-Report poll looks like!
WAGGGS poll on the impact of Covid19 in girls’s nutrition, July 2020

Participating in a U-Report poll is free, safe and 100% confidential.

Polls are available in English, Spanish, French and Arabic. In some campaigns, we create trigger words that allow anyone to answer the poll before becoming a U-Reporter. An app is currently being developed, so stay tuned!

Why is it important?

Girls U-Report

Because #GirlsVoicesMatter! Gender inequality is still a reality for too many girls around the world, which makes it easy for their views or opinions to get lost in the crowd.

Through U-Report, WAGGGS amplifies the voices of the world’s girls by inviting them to engage directly on questions relating to their lived experiences, as well as their hopes and visions for a better future for girls and all young people.

Contact the U-Report Manager:
Ines Gonalves

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