Surf Smart 2.0: Generation Digital

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A world without the internet has become unimaginable.

We use it to connect with friends, learn about new things and enjoy our free time. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic the use of the internet has increased rapidly, providing an invaluable way for people to remain connected and to continue learning and working during lockdowns.

But the pandemic has also unveiled and intensified some pressing issues for young people from cyberbullying and exposure to violent content to rampant misinformation and unequal access to the internet.

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Surf Smart 2.0 Generation Digital is a non-formal education curriculum to support young people to connect safely and positively online. It is a unique resource which will ensure a generation of girls and young women have the knowledge and skills to protect themselves and others online.

Participants will explore how they can use the internet as a member of Generation Digital; not only to communicate, learn and have fun but also to raise their voices as responsible citizens of the world.

By the end of their journey, they will have earned their Surf Smart 2.0 badge and learnt:

  • Find out about the tools that will help you stay safe and make thoughtful and balanced decisions when you’re connected.
  • Explore how to get more out of your time online and connect positively with local and global communities.
  • Look into ways you can actively participate in digital communities and practice being a digital citizen responsibly

The Surf Smart 2.0 curriculum

Who created it?

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The curriculum was co-created with the professional support and advice of Norton, one of the most trusted brands in consumer-Cyber Safety and WAGGGS non-formal education experts.

Who can take part?

It has been developed for worldwide use for girl-only or co-educational groups from the ages of 5 to 25 years.

Where can I access it?

Download it here today!

What does it cover?

There are 5 main activity sections to the curriculum. Within each of the five sections there are a number of activities that can be selected to respond to different contexts, ages, learning needs and objectives. Facilitators should ensure participants complete one activity in each section to earn the badge.

The five sections are:

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1. Discover

Discover and use the positive aspects of the internet

Surf Smart

2. Connect Positively Online

Learn how to use social media and other platforms in ways that connect us with others positively and safely.

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3. Protect yourself from online risks

Learn how to navigate the web safely

2015 Surf Smart Programme Internet Safety Graphics Computer

4. Your digital rights and footprint

Explore digital rights, learn about safe digital footprints and discover how to look at information critically.

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5. Imagine a better internet

Use the internet in a positive way to spark creativity and make it more enjoyable for others.

Watch what Girl Guide/Scout Leaders thought of - and learnt from - our new Surf Smart 2.0 programme!

Download the curriculum

Use the curriculum to help young people stay safe online. Download available here.

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