#PreparedToChangeTheWorld- International Day of the Girl 2023

International Day of the Girl 2023

International Day of the Girl (IDG) is an annual celebration held on October 11 to promote girls' empowerment and highlight the challenges girls face worldwide.

It is a special day to showcase how girls do not have to wait until they are grown up to make change in the world – they can do great things now!

Each year Girl Guides and Girl Scouts celebrate IDG and use it as an opportunity to learn how to be advocates and make the world a better place by speaking out on the issues they care about and taking action in their communities.

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#PreparedToChangeTheWorld Activity Pack

EN Copy of Day of the Girl 2023

This year, WAGGGS is using IDG celebrations to help girls develop the resilience needed to face the pressures and challenges of growing up in a changing world. With resilience, we can develop the confidence to be brave, to innovate, and can truly feel prepared to lead change in our communities. This IDG we're creating a brave space where girls can feel #PreparedToChangeTheWorld!

From the earliest days of Guiding and Scouting, Lord Baden Powell challenged us all to "Be Prepared”, because he knew that when we build our physical, emotional and community strength, we can overcome obstacles and build a better world together!

Access the IDG 2023 Activity pack here.


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Your group can leave a message of resilience to your sister Girl Guides and Girl Scouts or share plans for your #PreparedToChangeTheWorld resilience activity via our #IDG2023 message board:


You might also like to share resilience messages and photos from your IDG activities on social media using the hashtags:

#IDG2023 #PreparedToChangeTheWorld #TeamGirl

Before posting any images of youth on social media please make sure you have the appropriate permission.

You can start by using this Social Media Post Template in your preferred language!

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