Working Groups and Committees

Learn about the Working Groups and Committees of WAGGGS, 2018 - September 2020

WAGGGS World Board delegates some of its functions to Committees and Working Groups. Along with our Five Regional Committees, these Functional Committees and Working Groups of the World Board will enable the World Board to deliver on the 2018-2020 Strategic Plan.

The World Board Chair, Treasurer and Chief Executive are ex-officio members of all Committees & Working Groups.

Finance Committee

Purpose: To consider, formulate and review financial policy and plans for recommendation to the World Board.

  • Oversee WAGGGS’ financial position, adherence to approved budgets and budget reforecast process;
  • Ensure timely and accurate financial reporting, including tracking of fund development performance;
  • Regularly review and ensure compliance with WAGGGGS’ financial policies, seeking approval from the World Board for any significant changes or additions to policy;
  • Monitor and oversee the financial and general property management of the World Centres;
  • Monitor and oversee the management of WAGGGS’ investments, banking arrangements and any borrowings.


  • Tashia Batstone (Canada) (Chair)
  • Zine Madyibi (South Africa) (Vice Chair)
  • Elina Liippola (Finland)
  • Stevie Jepson (UK)
  • Jackie Poirier (Canada)
  • Ana María Mideros (Peru) (ex-officio)
  • Sarah Nancollas (ex-officio)
  • Staff lead: Rui Domingues

Audit and Risk Committee

Purpose: To monitor ongoing developments and promote best practice in the field of Audit and Risk, oversee WAGGGS’ policies and processes and advise the Board and staff on:

  • The annual financial audit process, including review of the draft Trustees’ Report & Financial Statements;
  • Definition, identification, evaluation and management of risk utilising the Risk Register tool;
  • WAGGGS’ systems of internal control and level of compliance with them;
  • Adequacy of insurance coverage in relation to property, personnel and activities;
  • Investigation of material non-compliance, fraud or financial misdemeanor within or affecting WAGGGS.

This Committee operates as an independent Committee reporting directly to the World Board.


  • Fiona Bennett (Australia) (Chair)
  • Rae Ann Dougherty (USA)
  • Katrina Evans (UK)
  • Ana María Mideros (Peru) (ex-officio)
  • Tashia Batstone (Canada) (ex-officio)
  • Sarah Nancollas (ex-officio)
  • Staff lead: Matt Reynolds

Governance Committee

Purpose: To evaluate and advance effective governance policies and practices at the global, regional and Member Organisation level.

  • Oversee all matters relating to Member Organisation constitutions and bye-laws and WAGGGS Constitution and Bye-Laws;
  • Apply knowledge of CIO regulations and responsibilities and of relevant UK Law to ensure compliance as well as strengthen WAGGGS’ current and future position;
  • Review key governance policies which pose potential benefits or barriers to MO success and make recommendations for improvement;
  • Communicate and promote adoption of best practices in Board governance to continually strengthen leadership from the MOs to the World Board;
  • Plan and oversee preparations for governance aspects of Regional and World Conferences, including development of conference Rules of Procedure and training and guidance of Procedural Teams;
  • Offer advice and support for board orientation and development throughout the Movement;
  • Monitor Committees’ and Working Groups’ compliance with Terms of Reference and recommend changes to processes and practices based on these observations.


  • Jayne Wachira (Kenya) (Chair)
  • Katerina Agorogianni (Greece)
  • Helene Gestrin (Sweden)
  • Fiona Bradley (New Zealand)
  • Deborah del Duca (Canada)
  • Jillian van Turnhout (Ireland)
  • Candela Gonzalez (Argentina)
  • Ana María Mideros (Peru) (ex-officio)
  • Tashia Batstone (Canada) (ex-officio)
  • Sarah Nancollas (ex-officio)
  • Staff lead: Nicola Lawrence

Constitutions sub-group


  • Katerina Agorogianni (Greece) (Chair)
  • Ilmi Salminen (Finland)
  • Ivy Wasike (Kenya)
  • Stephanie Darmanin (Malta)
  • Sarah Govan-Sisk (Canada)
  • Ruth Kawale (Malawi)

Nominations Committee

Purpose: To lead the process for seeking, identifying, screening and nominating qualified individuals for election to the World Board and Regional Committees.

  • Operate as an independent committee reporting directly to the World Board;
  • As defined by the WAGGGS Constitution, Bye-laws and Board-approved nominations process, liaise with MOs to fulfil the Nominations process and seek MO clearance for each applicant;
  • Ensure that Board and Committee candidates can effectively support the work of the WAGGGS Global Team, represent the interest and needs of our membership and are diverse in experience, skills and knowledge with an emphasis on innovative thinking and strategic vision and agility;
  • Ensure that the search and nominations process is rigorous, fair and transparent.


  • Grace-Anne Crichlow (Barbados) (Chair)
  • Barbara Calvi (Italy)
  • Susan Campbell (Australia)
  • Nesrin El Hadidi (Egypt)
  • Kika Ramsay (Canada)
  • Pascaline Umulisa (Rwanda)
  • Ana María Mideros (Peru) (ex-officio)
  • Tashia Batstone (Canada) (ex-officio)
  • Sarah Nancollas (ex-officio)
  • Staff lead: Nicola Lawrence

Volunteer Resources Committee

Purpose: To provide oversight and strategic direction on all human resources matters pertaining to WAGGGS’ global volunteers.

  • Make recommendations to enable WAGGGS to achieve excellence in volunteer recruitment, retention and development;
  • Provide oversight of policies and procedures pertaining to the management of volunteers;
  • Review effectiveness of volunteer training programs and recommend strategies and practices to increase volunteer effectiveness;
  • Provide expertise and advice in the development and engagement of volunteers and promote effective working relationships between staff and volunteers;
  • Provide scrutiny and assurance regarding legal and regulatory requirements;
  • As requested by the Board Chair, Committee, Working Group Chairs and/or the Chief Executive, research, manage and resolve volunteer performance issues and grievances.

(Members are still to be appointed & approved by World Board)

Vibrant Regions Working Group

Purpose: In partnership with regional leadership and WAGGGS staff, to conduct a comprehensive review of regional structure, resources, governance and operations and to identify barriers and opportunities to increase their effectiveness and influence as the necessary and valued intermediary between the World Board and the MOs.

  • Understand current conditions, constraints and priorities;
  • Review and recommend revisions to the Regional Terms of Reference and Regional Guidelines for Board approval;
  • Integrate and capitalise on knowledge and expertise from other committees and working groups and partner with them for the regions’ benefit;
  • Develop collaborative strategies and pilot new models and ways of work;
  • Identify and analyse potential motions to propose to the World Board, including any motions to bring to the 2020 World Conference that will address the long-term potential of regions.


  • Connie Matsui (USA) (Chair)
  • Natasha Hendrick (Australia)
  • Joey Rosenberg (USA)
  • Marjolein Sluijters (Netherlands)
  • Hannah Stanton (Sweden)
  • Sophie Stevens-Lemaigre (Belgium)
  • Jillian van Turnhout (Ireland)
  • Ana María Mideros (Peru) (ex-officio)
  • Tashia Batstone (Canada) (ex-officio)
  • Sarah Nancollas (ex-officio)
  • Staff lead: Helen Clark

Value Proposition Working Group

Purpose: To provide strategic oversight and extend the ongoing work begun by the Membership Services Working Group from the last triennium in order to expand and enhance the tools, resources and voice that the WAGGGS Global Team makes accessible to MOs.

  • Improve engagement, collaboration and strategic internal communications with MOs regarding membership services;
  • Strengthen MO-to-MO connections and establish the Global Hub as a valued way of work;
  • Oversee WAGGGS’ effective delivery of its Value Proposition;
  • Promote and enhance organisational capacity building;
  • Provide ongoing oversight and contribute to strategic design of priority membership services (as identified by MOs). Such services include, but are not limited to: educational programs, the leadership offer, advocacy programs, and international experiences.


  • Normala Baharudin (Malaysia) (Chair)
  • Katerina Agorogianni (Greece)
  • Natasha Hendrick (Australia)
  • Naouel Ghali (Tunisia)
  • Heidi Jokinen (Finland)
  • Pamela Rice (Canada)
  • Connie Soto Obregon (Costa Rica)
  • Ana María Mideros (Peru) (ex-officio)
  • Tashia Batstone (Canada) (ex-officio)
  • Sarah Nancollas (ex-officio)
  • Staff lead: Helen Clark

Growth & Retention Strategies Working Group

Purpose: To provide strategic oversight and extend the ongoing work begun by the Membership Growth Working Group from the last triennium in order to capture new and existing opportunities for membership retention and growth.

  • Identify organisational and external barriers to membership growth and retention;
  • Design more flexible yet durable business models for existing and new MOs;
  • Analyse and define the methods and criteria for counting the number of members at the local, regional and global level and for modelling membership trends;
  • Instill consistent and timely practices and systems for identifying and deploying effective membership development strategies, fortifying commitment of volunteers and staff, collecting data, and providing feedback on progress or lack thereof;
  • Systematically evaluate ongoing progress and challenges, capture knowledge and make recommendations for the allocation of resources accordingly.


  • Haifa Ourir (Tunisia) (Chair)
  • Heidi Jokinen (Finland)
  • Miranda Cummings (Australia)
  • Boldness Mashayamombe (Zimbabwe)
  • Sandy Thomas (USA)
  • Alix Masson (External member) (Kenya)
  • Ana María Mideros (Peru) (ex-officio)
  • Tashia Batstone (Canada) (ex-officio)
  • Sarah Nancollas (ex-officio)
  • Staff lead: Helen Clark

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