Regional Committee and staff

Regional Committee and staff

The WAGGGS Western Hemisphere Regional Committee is elected by Member Organisation delegates at our Regional Conference.

Western Hemisphere

The governing body of the region is the Regional Conference which takes place once every three years. All Member Organisations in the region are invited to send a delegation to the Regional Conference, which takes place in a different country each triennium.

The Conference elects six members to the Regional Committee for a three-year term. Members can be elected for one additional term, to serve a maximum of six years. At least one member of the committee must be under the age of 30 at the time of the election. The current members are:

Joey Rosenberg

Joey Rosenberg (USA)


Joey is a Member of the Regional Committee of the Western Hemisphere. She is from Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States.

Joey holds a Bachelor Degree in International Affairs (Kennesaw State University) and a Master in Global Business. She speaks Spanish in addition to English, her mother tongue.

Joey told us about her experience as a Girl Scout: “The Movement significantly impacted my own life and I hope to give back at this strategic level to advance the mission of WAGGGS in the region and beyond. In addition to giving back to the organisation, I challenge myself at a new level that expand my own views and skill sets as I grow with the organisation”

Franca Gabriela Mazzotti

Franca Gabriela Mazzotti (Peru)

Vice Chair

Franca has been a member of the National Association of Girl Scouts, Peru, since she was eight. She has been International Commissioner and a Project Manager for international guiding projects in Peru.

She is looking forward to supporting the region and giving more opportunities to members through project development, volunteer management and fundraising.

Franca holds a degree in Economics and a Masters in Non-profit Administration from the University of San Francisco. She’s worked in educational programs for the Jesuit School of Theology in Berkeley, CA (USA) and the German International Technical Cooperation Agency in Lima.

She is currently Executive Director for Da un Chance, a local educational non-profit in Lima, Peru.

Cindy-Ann Alexander

Cindy-Ann Patricia Alexander (Grenada)

Cindy-Ann is a member of the Western Hemisphere Regional Committee and former Communications Commissioner for the Girl Guides Association of Grenada.

As a member of the Regional Committee, she is looking forward to working with Member Organisations to help grow Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting across diverse communities as she believes it’s part of the holistic development for girls and young women to empower them to become leaders in their community.

By day, Cindy-Ann is an educational technology specialist at the St George's University in Grenada, where she works with professors to utilise technology for an engaging teaching and learning experience.

Sandra Gomez

Sandra Cuéllar Gómez (Costa Rica)

Sandra is excited about her role as Regional Committee member and is keen to use her Girl Guide experience to provide positive leadership for others.

She is looking forward to working in a team to strengthen relationships, as well as exchange ideas and meet the challenges of the region.

Sanda is also an educational consultant.

Adrienne Edmunds (Canada)

Adrienne Edmunds

Adrienne is a District Commissioner in Canada where she helps a team of 20 volunteers to deliver Guiding to about 100 girls in Labrador. She has been volunteering with Guiding for over a decade, and has particularly enjoyed doing international programming with her girls as a Guider, and being International Advisor for various Guiding districts across Canada.

Professionally, Adrienne is a Barrister and Solicitor who practices law in the area of child protection and endangerment. She loves travelling, hiking, animals (especially her Dachshund fur-babies), reading, cooking, swimming and yoga. Adrienne has a passion for diversity and equality, for the rights of children, and for trying to help all people discover and reach their fullest potential.

Adrienne is grateful for the opportunity to take her love of Guiding to the international level, and is extremely excited to be volunteering with the Regional Committee and Member Organisations to help grow Guiding in the Western Hemisphere.

Maria Teresa Correa

María Teresa Yogananda Pierret Correa, Chile

As a Regional Committee member, Maria is committed to supporting fellow Girl Guides so they can build their dreams and help create positive conditions to excel as a woman, which combines the unique experiences of girls around the world.

Maria has a wealth of experience in Communications Consultancy and finance and through developing her own company she has learned a lot about governance, strategic development, social project management and fundraising.

Going forward, she is determined to listen actively and support others to ensure WAGGGS’ goal for a better world where we can grow, connect and impact is achieved.

The Regional Chair is also a voting member of the WAGGGS World Board. Ex-officio members, without vote, are:

  • Chair, World Board – Ana Maria Mideros (2017 - 2020)
  • Treasurer, World Board - Tashia Batstone (2017 - 2020)
  • Chief Executive – Sarah Nancollas

The role of the Committee Members is to further the Mission of WAGGGS through the work of the region by leading the development and implementation of regional strategies.

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