The WAGGGS Western Hemisphere Regional Committee is elected by Member Organisation delegates at our Regional Conference.

The Regional Conference is the body that governs the Region and is held once every three years. All Member Organisations in the Region are invited to send a delegation to the Regional Conference, which takes place in a different country every triennium.

The Conference elects six members to the Regional Committee for a period of three years. Members may be re-elected for an additional period, thus serving a maximum of six years. At least one of the Committee members must be a young woman under 30 years of age at the time of the election.

Cindy-Ann Patricia Alexander

Cindy-Ann Alexander

Cindy-Ann is from the Spice Isle of the Caribbean – Grenada. She has been an active member of her national Association – The Girl Guides Association of Grenada for just under thirty (30) years. She is the former Communications Commissioner, and during her tenure as such, she noted the need to reintroduce the Young Leaders programme, after many years of inactivity. As a result, she spearheaded the development of the new programme, which seeks to bridge Ranger Guides and adult Leaders, by providing young women with more options to assist with their personal growth and development within the Movement.

As a member of the Western Hemisphere Region Committee since 2016, and now Chair, Cindy-Ann is extremely eager and enthusiastic to continue working with Member Organizations to support the growth of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts across a myriad of diverse communities in the region. She wants to highlight that as much as we are all different, with distinctive languages, cultures and backgrounds, we are one, united as a Movement. This is the basis for the holistic development for girls and young women thereby enabling and empowering them to become more effective and efficient leaders for not just their communities and countries, but for the world as a whole.

Cindy-Ann holds a MSc in Computer Science and a BSc in Computer Science and Meteorology, which compliments her love of nature and the outdoors. She has a deep love and respect for technology and is a big advocate for girls in STEM. By day, Cindy-Ann is an Educational Technology Specialist at St. George’s University, where she supports professors to use technology for enhanced teaching and learning experiences which are both enriching and engaging.

She is a dog-lover, who has a thirst for knowledge, which is fostered by her being an avid reader of all genres.

Maria Emilia Cadario


Emilia is from Córdoba, Argentina and has been part of Asociación Guías Argentinas for over 35 years. Her time in Guiding in Argentina made her a passionate volunteer for the Guiding movement, founding a Guide Community and promoting the opening of several Guide Communities in her province.

With Asociación Guías Argentinas, she is a national trainer with international recognition, and has been a member of the National Council, serving as Chief of National Program. In this role, she led the national implementation of WAGGGS programs including "Voices Against Violence," " Free Being Me," "Surf Smart," and" "Add Your Voice. " Emilia collaborated with the design of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence campaign from 2014 to present. Within her Member Organization, Emilia has promoted the design and application of virtual trainings and training for volunteers on multiple topics. While leading the National Program Committee, she collaborated in the creation and launch of a Child Protection Policy for Asociación Guías Argentinas and organised national teams that promote inclusion, diversity, and spirituality.

Her desire is for more young women and girls to experience Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting in the Region. She is therefore committed to strong and vibrant Member Organisations, where young women and girls can practice their leadership and be the change in their communities.

Emilia studied journalism and specialized in institutional communication. She is currently working on the development of communication strategies and plans for several different organizations. Her mother tongue is Spanish.

Emilia likes to spend time outdoors with her family and she loves to write children's stories, many of which she uses to complement activities for Guides.

Patricia Marroquin
Committee Member


Patricia has been a member of Guías de México since the age of 7. She is part of Guías de México's National Training Team, serving as a National Coach, and have various international facilitation experiences, as well. Patricia was also part of the 2015-2019 National Steering Committee, serving as International Commissioner. Currently she is the Coordinator of the UPS Project, "Diversity and Inclusion".

As a member of the Western Hemisphere Region Committee since July 2019, she fervently desire to collaborate for the unity of all our Member Organisations. Patricia hopes to contribute her positive energy and happiness to foster friendship and work collaboratively. She wishes to leverage the resources of all Member Organisations for others and contributing to achieve a vibrant region.

She is an electrical mechanical engineer, professional adult trainer, and specialist in Management and Improvement of Organisational Processes. For 15 years Patricia has operated her own consulting and training company dedicated to the development and implementation of Quality Management Systems based on International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) standards.

Patricia is visionary, passionate, cheerful, fun, dedicated and always willing to support.

Saudia Edghill
Committee Member

Saudia Edghill

Saudia loves having a good laugh. She was born and bred in the community of Buxton in Guyana, South America.

She have been a member of her local Guiding association for most of her years on Earth and has grown to love leading. Saudia loves being a part of a movement which champions betterment of and for girls.

During her tenure as a committee member of the WHR, she hopes to apply her learnings from my experiences and academic studies, add her fresh perspectives, and share her passion in creating avenues for memorable experiences for girls and young women through Girl Guiding.

Outside of furthering her studies, bonding with family and friends, or being stimulated through her curiosities and enjoyment for high energy activities, Saudia functions within the Quality Department of a distribution company with special focus on Customer Experience. She also has an interest in community development.

Stefanie Argus
Committee Member

Stefanie Argus

Stefanie is a mission-driven leader and a change agent who champions equity. She presently is a full-time doctoral student pursuing a PhD in Education at the University of Rhode Island / Rhode Island College. She also serves as a National Volunteer Partner with Girl Scouts USA. Most recently, Stefanie served in non-profit staff leadership roles as the Chief Mission Officer of YWCA Rhode Island and as the Senior Director of Girl Experience with Girl Scouts of Southeastern New England.

Stefanie became especially active with WAGGGS beginning in 2012 after spending a spring season volunteering at Our Chalet. One of her most meaningful WAGGGS experiences has been serving as a Lead Facilitator for the Stop the Violence campaign. Stefanie is ready to provide solid skills related to strategic planning, leadership development, educational methodology, communications, diversity and advocacy work, research and evaluation, and partnership collaborations. She is excited to support growth for a vibrant Western Hemisphere and is humbled to be of service to our Member Organisations in the role of Regional Committee Member.

Stefanie holds a Master of Arts in Adventure Education and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Education. She is a Lifetime member of Girl Scouts USA, having joined at age 5, and is a proud Gold Award Girl Scout. For fun, Stefanie enjoys hiking, Zumba instructing, geocaching, and cuddling with her two Pembroke Welsh Corgis.

Paola Andrea Nieto Carvajal
Committee Member

Paola Cajaval committee member

Andrea is a Member of the Regional Committee of the Western Hemisphere and active volunteer at the Asociación de Guías Scouts de Colombia. She has been National Commissioner in her MO and her experience in girlguiding also includes guiding middle-age girls, development of community projects with young and adult women and attending events at different World Centres.

She is currently studying Philosophy at the National University of Colombia and speaks fluent English, French, and Spanish as her mother tongue. Reading is one of her favorite hobbies, she enjoys doing amateur theatre and share everyday stories on her blog.

As part of the regional team she hopes to bring her perspective as a young woman, her skills in critical thinking and communication, and her best willingness to learn so that many other women and men reach their full potential as agents of change in their community. After the Regional Conference, she has been working with the Motion 32 team as a Regional Committee contact to strengthen support for this initiative.

Past Regional Committee Members

2016 - 2019

Joey Rosenberg (USA), Chair

Franca Mazzotti (Peru), Vice-Chair

Cindy-Ann Alexander (Grenada)

Sandra Cuéllar (Costa Rica)

Adrienne Edmunds (Canada)

Teru Pierret Correa (Chile)

2013 - 2016

Grace-Anne Crichlow (Barbados), Chair

Rochelle Ford (St. Vincent & the Grenadines), Vice-Chair

Adrienne Edmunds (Canada)

Schemel Patrick (Guyana)

Meredith Petrona-Martina (Curaçao)

Joey Rosenberg (USA)

2010 - 2013

Perla Casco Perez (Honduras), Chair

Kika Ramsay (Canada), Vice-Chair

Sylvia Acevedo (USA)

Diana Correa (Mexico)

Grace-Anne Crichlow (Barbados)

Miryam Justo (Peru)

2007 - 2010

Maria Elena Murillo (Costa Rica), Chair

Perla Casco Perez (Honduras), Vice-Chair

Laura Salvador (Ecuador)

Tanya Dawkins (USA)

Rechanne Browne (St. Vincent & the Grenadines)

Kika Ramsay (Canada)

2004 - 2007

Angela Dawson (Canada), Chair

Gabriela Derosa (Argentina), Vice-Chair

Rechanne Browne (St. Vincent & the Grenadines)

Tanya Dawkins (USA)

Candida Morales (Brazil)

Maria Elena Murillo (Costa Rica)

2001 - 2004

Toni Martinez Burgogne (USA), Chair

Gisela Lammerts van Bueren (Panama), Vice-Chair

Angela Dawson (Canada)

Gabriela Derosa (Argentina)

Jillian Hills (Trinidad & Tobago)

Maria Monzarz (Peru)

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