Awards: Regional Recognitions Program

We believe that volunteers are the hearts and hands of Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting.

The Western Hemisphere Region is proud to launch the Regional Recognitions program in 2022. Our Region is committed to celebrating adult volunteers for their commitment, service, and exceptional contributions. For 2022, the nominations period is open from now until June 15 2022.

Award Descriptions and Purposes

  • Impact Award - To recognize an individual/team who has centered youth under 18 and/or young women ages 18-30.
  • Keeper of the Flame Award - To recognize an individual/team who has demonstrated exceptional Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting spirit and enthusiasm, or shown service to the community.
  • Commissioners Award - To recognize outstanding Commissioners on the district/state/national level.
  • Western Hemisphere Excellence Award - To recognize outstanding contributions to the entire Region.

Nominations can be submitted here.

Awards Symbols

Regional Awards - English

Regional Awards - Spanish



Impact Award

Event Team: Leaders For A Better World

Jimena Paternoster (Argentina)

Maria José Gallardo Pérez (Chile)

Katherine Hann (USA)

Karen Salas (Venezuela)

Emi Cadario (Argentina)

Impact Award

Sheliza Ismail (Canada)

Keeper of the Flame

Margaret Burke (Barbados)

Commissioners Award

Robyn McDonald & Jill Zelmanovits (Canada)

Western Hemisphere Excellence Award

Team: Translation & Interpretation

Pi Lemus (México)

Bárbara Muñoz Madariaga (Chile)

Fer Cerda (México)

Lola Pinto (México)

Helen Bogantes (Costa Rica)

Rosanne Armstrong (México)

Laura Marmelejo Requiz (Venezuela)

Western Hemisphere Excellence Award

Cindy-Ann Alexander (Grenada)

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