The Western Hemisphere Region is very proud of our network of dedicated regional volunteers who give their time, skills and passion to developing Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting.

With their support we are able to achieve more and ultimately reach more girls and young women. Our volunteers provide their expertise in areas such as partnerships and funding, social media and technology, leadership development facilitation and training, governance and organizational development. 

If you are interested in volunteering with us, there may be an opportunity for you! Please contact

Meet some of our volunteers

Amanda Ormazabal

Argentina - Asociación Guías Argentinas (AGA)
Amanda Ormazabal

Amanda has a long history in Guiding. She was a Guide, troop leaders, National Trainer and National Leadership Development Programme (NLDP) Western Hemisphere Facilitator. Amanda is also a vet, a teacher, a beekeeper, and a mum. 

Among the highlights of her life are visiting Nuestra Cabaña as a Ranger; winning the Olave Award for Best Community Service development in 1991, and being selected to participate at Pax Lodge for WAGGGS Leadership Development Programme 2013. 

Amanda is also the founder of a beekeeping cooperative and owns a 'small animals'' veterinary clinic. She is involved with the national project: GuiasxChaco through which she has helped to provide drinking water to many of the schools in the 'Impenetrable'. Her moto is "I am a leader!"

Alejandra Lonjedo

Argentina - Asociación Guías Argentinas (AGA)
Alejandra Lonjedo

Alejandra has been a Girl Guide for the last 25 years. Currently she is a National Trainer and a member of the National Board where she manages AGA's PR.

Alejandra was a volunteer at Nuestra Cabaña during the winter session of 2011. Here she learnt about working in an international environment. Alejandra believes in the importance of the international sisterhood, something that has motivated her through out her life.

Currently, Alejandra is member of the Volunteers Pool of the WAGGGS Region of the Western Hemisphere, where she works in the area of adult training.

Besides Guiding, Alejandra, who has a degree in Film Direction, delivers courses and workshops aimed at children and young people. Through these sessions she provides them with tools for developing their creativity and expression. In her spare time, she enjoys meeting with family and friends; she likes outdoor activities.

Nancy Mancini

Argentina - Asociación Guías Argentinas (AGA)
Nancy Mancini

Nancy became a member of the Asociación Guías Argentinas in 1990. She was a troop leader for seven years, a Deputy Programme Leader fro the regional boardfor six years, Head of Training and Area Commissioner. Nancy has been a National Trainer since 2008 and a NLDP facilitator since 2013.  

On a professional level she is an administrator at a family-run industrial services business.  

Nancy has been part of Caritas for the last four years and enjoys travelling and reading. She believes that having dedicated and committed leaders who support girls and young women are key to strengthening Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting both at national and regional level. Nancy is also confident she can motivate and encourage all organizations to implement the NLDP. 

Jennifer King

Barbados - Asociación de Guías de Barbados
Jennifer King

"Mi aventura en el Guidismo comenzó en el año 2000.  No había grupo de Haditas en la escuela de mi hija, así que decidí iniciar uno, pero como mi hija era aun muy pequeña par ser Hadita, me capacité en las Blossoms también".    
"La señora Anne Straker, Consejera/Entrenadora de las Blossoms de la Asociación decidió que yo sería su sucesora.  Esto requirió de muchoentrenamiento en poco tiempo.  Continuando con la labor de la señora Straker de manera positiva y fuerte, me aventuré a llevar a las Blossoms hasta el siguiente nivel".   

"Desde entonces inicié y administro un grupo Guía junto con el grupo de Haditas y Blossoms en la escuela de mi hija.  Actualmente, soy la Coordinadora de Preseas de las Blossoms y Secretaria de Badges, Entrenadora de Blossoms, entrenadora local de la Liga del Caribe y entrenadora del PNDL dentro de la Asociación de Barbados.  Disfruto completamente estar activa en la asociación y ayudar en el desarrollo de niñas y guiadoras para que lleguen a ser lo mejor que puedan."      

Nadia Skeete

Barbados - Girl Guides Association of Barbados
“If you get, give. If you learn, teach! “- Dr Maya Angelou

Nadia Skeete

Nadia Skeete began her Guiding journey as a Brownie, just under 30 years ago. Currently, she is a Guide and Ranger Guider, Secretary to EXCO and Council and a Regional Training Advisor. This Queen’s Guide Awardee has been President and Treasurer of Junior Council, Ranger Guide representative on the Executive, as well as Commissioner for Junior Council. She is ecstatic to be involved in the WAGGGS NLDP initiative as a NLDP Facilitator. Nadia is aware of the profound impact that Guiding has had on her and is eager for others to be afforded similar opportunities to help them discover and reach their fullest potential.

Nadia is an Economist by profession, specialising in productivity and productivity related matters. Guiding is just one facet of her life and she enjoys reading, travelling, swimming, working with young people and volunteering. She is very involved in church life, where she is a Youth Leader, Sunday School teacher and Assistant Treasurer.

Angela Dawson

Canada - Girl Guides of Canada
Angela Dawson

Angela is a member of the Girl Guides of Canada and the former Chair of the Western Hemisphere Committee (2004-2007).

Angela has been involved in governance in Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting at the national, regional and world level for over 15 years. Starting as a member of the National Council of the Girl Guides of Canada - Guides du Canada, she would advance through the regional committee to be a member of the WAGGGS World Board.

PDuring this time, she advanced the work of the region in line with WAGGGS’ Strategic Plans, and was involved in governance and constitutional issues for Member Organizations and the Caribbean Link. Additionally she was a member of the Procedural Team for the WAGGGS World Conference in 2011.

During this time, she was also involved in numerous projects: the Leaders in Action events in Chile (2004) and Mexico (2007), the WAGGGS centenary activity packs, the 2011 Young Women’s World Forum, and numerous training events across the region

Professionally, Angela is a programme administration manager for the Government of Canada; working with the Boards of Directors and senior staff of Canadian sport non-governmental organizations to ensure they are well governed and deliver appropriate programming. She holds a degree in translation and is fluent in English, Spanish, French and German.

Agatha Eloi

Dominica - Girl Guides Association of Dominica Inc.  
Agatha Eloi

Agatha Theophile-Eloi, a Music Specialist and former Assistant Education Officer in the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development by profession, is a strong advocate for Community Development - especially Youth Development; and has been serving her community and country by extension from the year 1966.
Having been a member of the Girl Guide Movement since 1966, Eloi testifies to and promotes the holistic development programme that Guiding offers, and its benefits to the development of girls and young women.

Because of such great experiences as a Guide, Eloi developed a passion for the organization and has been very instrumental in ensuring that as many girls as possible on her island Dominica, are giving the opportunity to experience Guiding non–formal education programme.

During her 45 years of voluntary service, Eloi served as Patrol Leader, Unit Guider, District Commissioner, Training Commissioner and has just ended her tenure (2008-2013 years) as Chief Guide Commissioner of the Girl Guide Association of Dominica (GGAD).

Eloi was one who helped to motivate the membership in attaining full membership of WAGGGS 2008 and is a strong advocate of quality programme and continuous growth in membership.

At present, Eloi serves as International Commissioner, Chairman of GGAD recruitment committee and Brown Owl to a vibrant group of Brownies.

Now that she is retired from the public service, she has begun work on regular marketing of the Guiding Movement to the out districts by putting in action a ‘Recruitment Train’(bus loads of members visit communities and share with them information about Guiding). This is to ensure that every girl on the island is given an opportunity to experience our non– formal education.

Gloria Bonaparte

Grenada - Girl Guides Association of Grenada
Gloria Bonaparte

"I joined the Grenada Girls Guides Association in 1992 as a Guides Unit Leader, and has always been an active member since. After completing university in 2004 I joined the Ministry of Education as a District Education Officer and the Grenada Girl Guides Association later asked me to assume the role of District Commissioner for the educational district that I supervise.

I currently hold the positions of Assistant Chief Commissioner and Head of the Training Team which was formed after my exposure to NLDP in London in 2013. I am passionate about developing the leadership capacity of our leaders since I believe that they might have volunteered to be part of the Guiding Association but not necessary have the qualities that we expect them to possess as they lead girls.

I applaud therefore the initiate of WAGGGS to introduce NLDP to the regions as this is finally a direct way that our leaders can benefit.
I am married and have three children and I am also deeply involved in church activities and training in the WAGGGS Western Hemisphere's Region.'

Marnye Hall

USA - Girl Scouts of the USA

Marnye is a member of Girl Scouts of the USA, and in 2012 she was selected to the WAGGGS Western Hemisphere Volunteer Pool.

Marnye was integral in the creation of the governing documents for Girls For Girls USA, a USA-non-profit focused on increased access to education for girls and young women in Londiani, Kenya.
As a Girl Scout volunteer in Atlanta, Georgia, Marnye is the adult volunteer/ editor of the Lime Green Giraffe, the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta’s online teen magazine ( She also serves as a member of GSGATL’s volunteer website steering committee.
She was co-director of the girl-led Get Global Leadership summit from 2008-2011.

These multi-day events focused on empowering girls to take action using the MDGS and the GAT. This project was part of the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta Twinning Partnership with the Asociación de Guías y Scouts de Costa Rica.

In 2013, she was a Sangam Community Programme participant. She spent four weeks volunteering with a women’s empowerment non-governmental organization in Pune, India.

When she is not volunteering, Marnye is a promotions writer/producer with CNN. She holds a degree in Telecommunication Arts and French language from Butler University.

Rosanne Armstrong

Guias de Mexico

Rosanne has been involved in Guiding ever since she was a Hadita (Brownie). She later became a Guider, then district commissioner and eventually served on Guías de Mexico's national board as International Commissioner.

The international aspect of Guiding has always been Rosanne's special personal interest. So now,she is a volunteer consultant for Western Hemisphere's Twinning 2020. Rosanne says "It has been so much fun learning and sharing with such a diverse group".

MaLau Navarro

Costa Rica

MaLau is an enthusiastic and adventurous troop leader from Costa Rica, she has been in in Girl Guiding and Scouting for 10 years, is passionate about youth advocacy, volunteerism and intercultural learning, right now she is finishing a degree on Non formal education.

As WAGGGS Global Volunteer she have had an exciting journey, in 2011 she was a WAGGGS delegate at the 55°Commission on Status of Woman at the United Nations, also on that year she was a WAGGGS delegate at the 34th World Conference. In 2012 she was part of the Girls World Forum Planning Team and she also was the Community Relations Intern at Sangam World Centre (2012-2013).

MaLau has also been involved with the Western Hemisphere Region, in 2008 she participated at the Guiding Ambassador Workshop, the 12th Regional Conference and the Youth Submit. As member of the Regional Volunteer Pool she participated at the National Leadership Development Programme (NLDP) at Pax Lodge and at the Cultural Connections Twinning.

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