The Arab Regional Committee

The Arab Regional Committee

Meet our Regional Committee members, elected by Arab Region Member Organisations.


Raeda Bader, Jordan

Raeda is the Executive Committee and Chair of the Public Relations Committee for the Girl Guides Association in Jordan and has been a member of the Regional Committee since 2013. During her time, she has delivered many camps, training seminars and conferences at both national and regional levels. She’s also worked alongside many NGOs in Jordan.

As chair of the Arab Region, Raeda wants to support Arab Member Organisations to deliver membership growth in line with Vision 2020 and to build their capacity so they can deliver a sustainable Girl Guiding experience that reflects the needs and desires of girls and young women in the region.

Professionally, she is the Head of Girl Guides Department in the Ministry of Education.


Najat Hadid, Kuwait
Vice Chair

Najat B. Hadid has been a member of the Arab Regional Committee since 2013 and International Commissioner since 1994. She’s looking forward to sharing her knowledge with other Member Organisations and reinforcing and promoting WAGGGS’ objectives across the Arab Region. Najat will also promote leadership and training programs to encourage and increase membership.


Maryam Al Hadhri, Oman

Maryam works at the Ministry of Education, Sultanate of Oman. She is a member of Oman Scouts and Guides, where she has led Girl Guide troops for 15 years as well as held the position of International Commissioner.

She was previously a member of the Arab Regional Committee from 2010 to 2013. In her role as Regional Committee member, she wants to empower girls and young women and provide them with a unique Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting experience.

Fariha - Arab Committee Member - Libya - 2013

Fariha Faraj El Sharkasi, Libya

Fariha is the Commissioner of the Rangers' branch in her Association.

Professionally, she is a lawyer and President of the Crime Department at the Law Department.

Fariha is a member of many NGOs in Libya.


Hoda Elagaty, Egypt

Hoda has been part of the Girl Guiding Movement since she was seven. Now, she is International Commissioner of Egyptian Girl Guides Association.

According to Hoda, Girl Guiding has had a huge impact on her life and has played a big part in many of her successes. As a Regional Committee member, Hoda is looking forward to showing the real impact of WAGGGS, and using her knowledge to help develop the Arab Regional Committee further.

Professionally, Hoda has worked as teacher in the Faculty of Commerce Cairo University as well as a finance manager at the National Aviation Company.

Huda Karar, Sudan

Huda has a degree in education from the University of Khartoum. She is also Vice President of Sudan Girl Guides Association. As part of the Regional Committee, she would like to make sure girls’ voices are heard and that the issue of violence against girls and women is tackled.

As part of the Sudanese Girl Guides Association, she has attended a wealth of seminars, conferences and discussions, which has put her in good stead for this position.

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