Meet our Regional Committee members, elected by Arab Region Member Organisations.

Dr. Libya Ahmed Sbia

Dr Libya Ahmed Sbia

Through Dr. Sbia’s many years as a Member of the General Movement of Boy Scouts and Girl Guides of Libya coupled with her qualifications and professional training, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to help further develop the Arab Region.

Her priorities are to improve the quality of Guiding and Scouting in the Region through improving the quality of performance rates, connecting the Arab Region with the rest of the Movement and to encourage coordination of activities between associations to promote support and exchanges of experiences.

Huda Abu Qasim Othman

Huda Abu Qasim Othman

Huda’s previous work in the Arab Regional Committee in the previous triennium and in the Executive Office of Sudan Girl Guides Association has allowed her to witness the implementation of WAGGGS goals and to identify the issues of interest to girls to create environments across many fields so they become good citizens.

Her goal is to reflect the true image of the Arab Region to the rest of the Movement through seminars, conferences and discussions that achieve the agreed aims. Good representation and developing the Member Organisations by adopting WAGGGS programmes and policies are a high priority.

Amani Saif Aljabri
Committee Member

Amani Saif Hamed Aljabri

Amani is a lecturer at the College of Technology and a member of the Oman Scouts and Guides 2040 Strategy team. She brings with her a wealth of experience in conducting national projects, studies, data analysis and educational programmes.

As a Regional Committee Member for the Arab Region, Amani’s focus is on the development of girls’ and young women in the Arab Region through harnessing the power of online platforms for training programmes and discussion panels. She also can utilise her expertise as an educator and facilitator to help shape a strategic plan to benchmark training programmes to the international standard.

Dr. Amal Abdul Rahman Sinan Al - Maslamani
Committee Member

Dr Amal Abdul Rahman Sinan Al-Maslamani

Dr. Al - Maslamani has been a Training Commissioner for the Qatar Scouts and Guides Association since 2002 and has delivered WAGGGS programmes such as Free Being Me, Stop the Violence and the Sustainable Development Goals.

For Amal, providing more opportunities for young women through non-formal education and leadership training is a high priority which she can help facilitate through her experience with strategic planning and visioning along with the external partnerships she has nurtured for her Association.

Dr. Amal Abdul Latif Abdul Majid Al Awadi
Committee Member

Dr Amal Abdul Latif Abdul Majid Al-Awadi

Dr. Al Awadi was a Member of the National Board and the Chair of the Young Women Committee for the Kuwait Girl Guides Association as well as being a Brownies Leader. She is keen for the Region to nominate young women to the Committee in future.

With the experience she has gained through the posts she holds along with being a certified trainer, Dr Al Awadi can steer the Region on best practice to create and execute an operational plan.

She will provide guidance with building on existing partnerships with local bodies and institutions throughout the Region.

Sarah Hammoud
Committee Member

Sarah Hammoud

Being in the Movement since she was a Brownie has taught Sarah to always look forward, to be present and active whenever and wherever she can. She is looking to put all the knowledge she has gained through the Lebanese Federation of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts and WAGGGS into the Arab Region.

For Sarah, being a Member of the Regional Committee will help her reach more Guides and help inspire them to reach their full potential. She believes that Guiding is one of the solutions that will help the Region heal and overcome its problems by the Committee studying the needs of the Member Organisations and to do its best to fulfil them.

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