Regional Committee

Meet our Regional Committee

The Regional Committee is responsible for the development of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting in the Region and in particular for the implementation the regional strategy.

The Africa Committee WAGGGS was elected by delegates in the 12th Africa Regional Conference, which met in Rwanda in July 2019.

Larissa Esmiralda Byll Cataria
Committee Chair


A Communication expert with international experience gained while working across various geographies and among multicultural teams, Larissa is one of the co-founders of 3hi Africa, a consultancy firm. Larissa has a keen interest in the Sustainable Development Goals and the impacts of helping organisations realise their intended goals by changing NGOS environment. She is also passionate about photography and she believes that advancement in women leadership is a powerful resource and body for change in the world. And her daily desire is to affect lives positively by being a change-maker.

For the next three years as Chairperson of the Africa Region Committee, Larissa envisions to work closely with all the Committee Members as well as the Member Organisations, in order to give a better life to all our girls and young women in Africa. She would like to continue to foster a learning environment; while facilitating the development of personal and collective skills within our MOs and within our region in general. And of course, she is keen to take part in the development of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting by increasing the visibility and the impact of our work and of course attract more members and partners for the region.

Jennifer Kabura Karina

Jennifer Karina

Jennifer is a Psychologist, Master of Arts from Durham University, UK, ICF Certified Professional Coach, Educator, Speaker and Author She is a thought leader in the area of Relationship Strategies and has regularly featured on television, radio and contributed to a relationship column.

She has a vast experience both in the public and private sector, currently serving as Director, Kenya Reinsurance Corporation Kenya and Cote D’Ivore. She is the founder of Anchor Relationship Network (ARN), a Personal & Professional Development agency with special focus on life skills, personal and professional growth. She is passionate about uplifting the lives of others and believes her purpose in life is to positively influence the world by stimulating, equipping, empowering and encouraging individuals, particularly girls and young women to develop their full potential, for better living.

Jennifer is a recipient of “Women Leadership Achievement Award (WWLCA) 2015 Mumbai, India in recognition of the valuable contribution made to society & Industry. In 2017, recognized for her achievement as East Africa’s Regional Winner in Welfare & Civil Society Organization Sector of CEO Global’ s Most Influential Women in Business and Government 2017 awards.

Jennifer enjoys reading, writing, travelling and playing golf.

Florentina Bernard Mganga
Committee Member


Florentina is Senior Human Resource and Office Administrator for ICEA Lion General Insurance Company. She’s also a board member for the Tanzania Girl Guide Association.

As a Regional Committee member, she wants to ensure voices from the region are heard and that the MOs are well supported so they can move forward with their strategic directions.

Faniry Rakotoarivony
Committee Member

Faniry Rakotoarivony

Guiding for Faniry is a passion and a very important part of her life since she joined when she was 7. She is a language instructor and a freelance translator by profession.

She is passionate about youth empowerment, especially girls and women’s. Faniry is a strong believer in girl and female empowerment as a key to making positive changes in the community and making the world a better place. She hopes to empower hundreds and thousands of girls and young women within the Africa region to experience quality guiding experience that will help them develop values and life skills that will mould them into confident, skilled, independent and responsible citizens and change agents in their respective communities.

To do so, Faniry hopes to be able to support MOs in Africa to provide good quality guiding experience to its members so that the latter can fully be proud and fulfilled to be part of this life-changing movement. Besides, I would like to support MOs in Africa to become stronger in governance and resource mobilisation, to enhance their visibility at local, national and international levels and to strengthen their community involvement.

Besides her involvement in girl guiding, she is passionate about travelling and interacting with people from different cultures and backgrounds. She hopes her new role within the regional committee will help her meet, inspire and learn from a lot of amazing girls and young women so that together, we can make our world a better place.

Juliana Adade Ofori-Kissi
Committee Member

Juliana Adade Ofori-Kissi

After teaching and heading in schools in her country, she now works in a family cluster of businesses as a General Manager after graduating as a marketer. Juliana also has a lot of experience in entrepreneurship.

Juliana's interest is placing girls and young women at the centre of everything she does in the Committee and building a formidable Africa Region. She is looking to improve the education for girls in the region and to inspire prospective Member Organisations to join WAGGGS.

Lucia Ruvarashe Ndanga
Committee Member

Lucia Ruvarashe Ndanga

Lucia Ndanga is a student studying a Bachelors in law at Makerere University, Uganda. She undertakes advocacy work having organised national campaigns against child sexual exploitation as well as advocacy on body confidence.She has volunteered with organisations such as the , Zimbabwe National Council for the Welfare of Children and others to speak out and take action for children's rights especially girls. In Uganda she is involved in the Directorate of Gender Mainstreaming at Makerere as a peer educator to promote equality at campus.

She's firm believer in feminism and promoting social economic and political empowerment for a gender balanced society that will accomplish a progressive society. She hopes to make her beliefs a reality as a committee member by empowering girls and young women through advocacy using her experience and harnessing the power and skills of volunteers in the region to make Africa vibrant.

Her pastime activities include reading and volunteering.

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