Meet our Regional Committee

The Regional Committee is responsible for the development of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting in the Region and in particular for the implementation the regional strategy.

The Africa Committee WAGGGS was elected by delegates in the 12th Africa Regional Conference, which met in Rwanda in July 2019.

Faniry Rakotoarivony

Faniry Rakotoarivony.png

Passionate about girl guiding since my young age and a true believer in girl leadership and women empowerment, I would like to run for a second term as a member of the Africa Regional Committee for the 2022 – 2025 term for a number of reasons. First of all, from my life-long experience in being part of the movement since I was 7, I truly believe in the values and life-changing potential of Girl Guiding.

Indeed, since I joined the movement, I have not stopped growing personally and acquiring life-skills and leadership skills that have helped me in every aspect of my life. Hence, I would like to bring my contribution to helping the movement thrive so that more girls and young women can benefit from the same quality informal education that I have received through Girl Guiding. In this regard, I would like to bring my contribution by continuing to work closely with Africa region Member Organizations. In addition, it is my humble belief that my one-term role as a member of the Regional Committee from 2019 – 2022 has given me a significant insight into the potential and the challenges that our MOs in Africa have been facing over the past years.

As a committee member in charge of MO relation, I have been able to connect with the MOs and I would like to continue the work that we started in connecting the MOS, identifying their needs and challenges and helping them design work plans to help each and every MO thrive for the benefits of the girl members across Africa. I hope that Africa region will continue to grow and promote girl leadership so that every girl and young woman in Africa will develop their full potential and take the lead in the betterment of themselves and their communities.

Lucia Ndanga

Lucia Ndanga.png

When I was a child, I was an extremely shy and sensitive girl, whose little sister is the one who protected her and I had my parents very worried about how I would be able to survive in a world where women and girls are born disadvantaged by virtue of their gender. This changed however when I joined high school, I went from a quiet, shy girl with self-esteem issues to an outspoken, confident and charismatic leader who has friends all over the world. This is in a large part due to my girl guiding journey where programs such as Free Being Me, YESS and camping allowed me to blossom. Therefore, I want the platform to help other girls and young women to benefit from the same experience I have had as part of the Africa Region Committee.

My hope for the region is to get more girls and young women actively involved in their MO and regional activities as a means of developing leadership and building capacity in member organisations. This can be achieved through more volunteer recruitment for regional activities, organizing capacity building events and programs for young women. My vision is to see an increase in the visibility of our region, to share our story/ ies of Girl Guiding in Africa with the world to foster great partnerships that will see our region grow. Furthermore, I envisage a region that promotes more inter-MO connections at girl, young women and executive level because through collaboration and diverse connection we can give home grown solutions to our challenges. In addition, my hope for the region in the next triennium is to have a governance team that will continue to support MOs build systems that are progressive and foster positive growth and contribute positively to the global vision.

Christina Ruhinda
Committee Member

Christina Ruhinda.png

I am applying to become a member of the Regional Committee so I bring my knowledge, skills, experience and expertise to the Regional Committee and WAGGGS at large. I have over 10 years of experience in the Legal Aid sub-sector, Human Rights, Gender, Governance, Justice, Rule of Law, Election Observation, Networking, Programme Management, fund management, fundraising and Capacity Development. With the experience I have, I believe will contribute strategically to the Regional Committee and advance progress, unity and growth within and across the region. I hope to work with other Regional Committee members to advance opportunities for Member Organisations, women and girls in African communities. I have vast skills in Board governance and managing programs to protect and promote rights of women and girls globally. Thus, I am hoping to bring creativity and innovation to the Committee but also wide knowledge related to project management, fund management, good governance and accountability.

My vision is to see vibrant and sustained Member Organisations that are able to provide services to young women and girls in Africa and the whole world. I will work with other members of the Committee to strategically empower Member Organisations to create income generating activities and engage governments to provide support to Girl Guides Associations. I have been working to promote gender equality and to protect rights of women and girls globally, I understand the challenges they face but also, I know ways which those challenges can be turned into opportunities. I will work on putting the policies that advance women, young women and girls front, by involving the Government, private sector and nongovernmental organisations. I will work on bringing innovative mechanisms in delivering inclusive social and economic programs. I will also ensure Africa Region builds a community of young women leaders with skills and knowledge to face the continent’s emerging challenges.

Fausta Monsi
Committee Member

Fausta Monsi.png

This may seem utopian or naive, but I believe that world peace and universal awareness are ambitious yet realistic goals. This vision drove me through my evolution within our Movement, to become the volunteer I am today. It also enabled me to reach out to others and develop leadership through service. It’s important to have goals to navigate through life meaningfully. So, it is essential to know how to reconcile them with general society’s goals.

Climbing up the Girl Guiding ladder within a limited age frame was always one of my ambitions. To me, youth goes from 18-30 and it’s within this prime of life that we can reach milestones and achieve many things. I wish to join the Regional Committee because of this personal ambition but mostly because I want to have a wider positive impact, which can be achieved thanks to the Regional Committee’s high decision-making level. Moreover, during WAGGGS’ 37th World Conference, I took an active part in the Motion 32 team by sharing my own leadership story as a young woman.

The motion, proposing to elect two young women under 30 as part of the Regional Committee, was adopted and I am proud I could influence this decision. Today, I want to use this new opportunity and my vision for the Africa Region during the next triennium can be summarised as: Thriving in an ever-changing world. I have high hopes of girls being able to use technology to access work opportunities and fight climate change and violence in all its shapes.

Iyanuoluwa Sonde
Committee Member

Iyanuoluwa Sonde.png

My passion for humanitarian services and girl child advocacy has sustained me as a member of the Nigerian Girl Guides Association for over two decades, where I have been trained as well as delivered trainings on initiatives like Free Being Me, Action on Body Confidence, Leadership Mindsets, Menstrual Hygiene Management, Plastic Tide Turners and Surf Smart, which have impacted my life greatly and motivated me to keep working hard.

I have always been passionate about making impact in the lives of many girls and young women out there because I feel where much is given, much is expected in return, and I owe it to humanity to make the world a better place, which is why I admired the role of Regional Committee in developing and implementing action plans that support the enactment of global themes, strategies and policies for growth of the region. I believe being a committee member will help me achieve my goal of adding value to people’s lives, contribute immensely to the great works of WAGGGS and also improve my leadership and professional skills.

I strongly believe I am an ideal candidate for this position as I am young, vibrant and I would bring my tenacity and penchant for success to the Regional committee. As such, here are the skills I will be bringing: • A high level of professionalism and the savvy to share, learn and implement a high level of creativity needed to promote the region towards achieving its set goals. • A strong commitment to the region, having contributed my skills in organizations I have worked with in a variety of roles and capabilities. • A great team spirit, adaptability and strategy that will bridge essential relationships in achieving goals. • Critical and forward-thinking initiatives that transcend the current state of the region to ensure growth.

Marie Laure Agnan
Committee Member

Marie Laure Agnan.png

The joy, happiness and satisfaction felt at the end of the first year as Ivory Coast Association of Catholic Guides’s National Commissioner are emotions that change your perspective and can change your life. Through this young new team’s leadership, we managed in just one year to achieve a long-sought after dream for our Association – increasing our membership so we could create a new region, so, an increase of over 25% in one year. We also worked on our visual identity and diversified our communication tools to boost our brand awareness nationally and our visbility internationally through a strong presence on social media.

My candidacy is part of my leadership practice and development, but also and above all so I can contribute my knowledge to my region and help it in its mission to fully the potential of girls and young women. My graduate studies in Economics and my years of profressional experience in asset management are assets that could serve my Region, and above all our Member Organisations. While following in the footsteps of my predecessors, for me it will be about giving new impetus and helping to get things moving. I am fully aware of the considerable work that will be required. But I am also motivated and confident, ready to give my best.

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