We involve Member Organisations and the voice of girls and young women in our operations and key decisions.

We do this through Regional Conferences and a committee of volunteers and leaders from the Region.

Regional Conferences

Every three years, Member Organizations gather at the Regional Conference to discuss strategies for the development of Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting in the Region. At the conference a Regional Committee is elected, which includes young women and volunteers who, together with the regional staff, implement the strategic plan.

The committee works closely with staff members based at WAGGGS’ World Bureau in London, UK. Two Development Executives – one French-speaking and one English-speaking – work directly with our Member Organizations.

The Africa Region has held ten Regional Conferences since its creation:

  1. First Regional Conference: Zambia - 1985
  2. Second Regional Conference: Zimbabwe - 1989
  3. Third Regional Conference: Zambia - 1992
  4. Fourth Regional Conference: Kenya - 1995
  5. Fifth Regional Conference: Ivory Coast – 1998
  6. Sixth Regional Conference: South Africa – 2001
  7. Seventh Regional Conference: Ghana – 2004
  8. Eighth Regional Conference: Zambia – 2007
  9. Ninth Regional Conference: Madagascar – 2010
  10. Tenth Regional Conference: Nigeria - 2013

Meet our Regional Committee members and staff.

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