Healthcare professionals - the true superheroes!

A blog by Nikayla Karell Odi, youth advocate and peer educator of Youth Advocates for the Philippines and Senior Girl Scout of Girl Scouts of the Philippines for World Health Day 2020

Since the beginning of COVID-19 in December 2019, the healthcare professionals across the world have emerged as the true superheroes and they continue to go strong. Images of doctors and nurses with mask scars on their faces have been going viral of late. While there is unyielding courage on their faces, our heart really goes out to these heroes who continue fighting for us selflessly.

“I stand with the health workers and front liners who are at the forefront of the response in battling COVID-19 — your response to the call for service will never be equally reciprocated.”

Growing up, weren’t we all taught that health is wealth? It is important that we understand the essence embedded in these simple words, now more than ever in the face of a pressing health crisis.

This April 7, we are celebrating World Health Day (WHD) to honour our front-liners and spread awareness on the importance of health and nutrition during this trying time. World Health Day —is a global day of action dedicated to remind world leaders of the critical role our health services and staff play in keeping the world healthy.

During the COVID-19 global pandemic crisis, access to food and good nutrition is fundamental in ensuring the health and wellbeing of girls, volunteers and staff in the WAGGGS network. Girls are disproportionately affected by malnutrition and right now are finding access to food and good nutrition difficult. The Girl Powered Nutrition programme wants to ensure that no girl is held back by poor nutrition, no matter where she is from.

WAGGGS are joining the World Health Day call for action across sectors to ensure that everyone, everywhere gets the healthcare and nutrition they need to survive.

2020 World Health Day blog post

While it is the government and non-government organisations that are responsible for the World Health Day events and awareness drives, the onus also falls on us to understand the sanctity of the day and raise awareness in whatever capacity we can.

During quarantine, I have been very active working with youth led organisations and NGOs to raise funds to help our front-liners, and to help the marginalized. We have a social media campaign and online activities to raise awareness of good nutrition and say thank you to our health workers.

You can do your part as well! You can help fight malnutrition by volunteering, completing online World Health Day activities or donating any amount, for that small amount would go a long way.

Stay safe, stay indoors, and stay healthy! We got this, girls!

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