"Guiding means being an active citizen"

Haifa, Tunisia

Parents Haifa and Montasser, with their daughter Noor

Tunisian Brownies National and Central Committee and Rover National and Central Committee.

We are Haifa and Montasser. Our daughter Noor’s first birthday is on World Thinking Day. 

Both of us are leaders with the Tunisian Scout Organization. I (Haifa) am a member of the Brownies National and Central Committee, while Montasser is a member of the Rover National and Central committee. 

I am originally from Nabeul governorate; about 68 kilometes from the capital. Montasser was born in Tunis, where we live with our baby.

Birthday customs here include inviting relatives and friends to share the experience with us. We decorate the house, prepare refreshments and drinks, then finish by giving gifts and taking pictures.

Since our daughter Noor will blow out her first candle this year, we are making sure to have a unique celebration.

We started preparing a month ago and picked all the details and decorations, including a wonderful little dress for Noor to be the princess of the ceremony. A pastry shop will provide the cake, sweets, refreshments and all the necessary food and drinks. As for gifts, they will all be precious in value, no matter how simple they are. Gifts symbolize the love given to our young and beautiful Noor. 

We will make sure to memorise every detail of the celebrations so we can share them with our little angel when she grows up. 

As a first time mother and a leader affiliated to the largest movement of girls in the world, 22 February each year is a very special day. In Tunisia, we celebrate World Thinking Day and we are keen to prepare various activities with lots of determination and joy according to the theme of each year’s celebration.

Being part of the Guiding movement makes me feel very proud, due to its impact on society. It means being an exemplary girl in your community, an initiative taker towards innovation and positive influence for everyone around you. But it is not easy. 

From this point of view, I have always encouraged all girls to join the Guiding Movement and experience being an active citizen, contributing to changing the world for the better.Noor-Tunisia

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