Being 16 and travelling to the other side of the world is so exciting!

Meet Rachel who travelled a long way for Roverway 2018

“I am the only person at Roverway from Girl Guides New Zealand. I saw the opportunity on social media and really wanted to come. No one else from my country was able to attend, but I didn't let that stop me.”  

“My mum flew with me to Melbourne where I joined the contingent from Girl Guides Australia. I'd never travelled further than Australia before, but I wanted to meet new people and try something completely different.”

Rachel, new zealand, Roverway
“I was pretty nervous about the trip, especially about taking such a long flight. I was also really worried about being away from my family and friends for so long. Once I met with the other delegates though, everything was ok. The Australian contingent are pretty cool. They stop me from feeling lonely.”

“After the opening ceremony at The Hague, we went on path 21. We went to Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands and stood on a point where all three countries meet. There were 60 people on our path, plus three path leaders, from 11 different countries. It was so much fun to have a campfire together and learn songs from different cultures.” 

“I have met some really amazing people at Roverway. One of my contingent, Freya, described what makes this special. She said, '99 per cent of what we´ve got from Roverway is brilliant friendships'. I have loved being here with the Australian team and so many other people too.”

“I want other girls in my country to know they should take up opportunities like this too. They will learn so many new things. It really is a once in a lifetime experience. I´ve met so many people and I know some of these connections will last forever.”

"Being 16 and traveling to the other side of the world is so exciting. I used to get homesick, but now, I want to do this more and more."

Rachel has been sharing her Roverway experience on Instagram. You can see her photos from the event at @rachelguidingadventures
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