"We help our community by performing many tasks"

Brianna, Jamaica

11, The Girl Guides Association of Jamaica

My name is Brianna, I’m turning 11 this World Thinking Day. 

In Jamaica we celebrate birthdays with parties, cakes and gifts. This year my birthday will be on a school day. I will have a party at school and at home to celebrate with my friends. Brianna-Jamaica

Jamaica is a great place with beautiful beaches and people. Clarendon, where I live, is a sugar cane area. It also has many attractions, such as the Milk River Spa Hotel. 

It’s a great place to grow up as a girl. I feel safe where I am, I get to go to school and play with my friends.

My favourite part of Guiding is doing activities as a group. I also get to meet Brownies from other areas.

World Thinking Day is a time to highlight our activities. This year we will plant trees and visit a children’s home. We help our community by performing many tasks. 

More girls should join Guiding because it makes them helpful and teaches skills every young girl should learn. 

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