Explore the Roverway 2018 workshops

The days have been busy here at Roverway! Since activities started at the main camp, Rangers and Rovers have been enjoying an amazing, intercultural adventure.

Throughout Roverway, 4,500 Rangers and Rovers have been making new friends and sharing with people from other countries. Almost everyone is wearing more than one scarf from a different contingent on their neck.

Roverway yoga

During the first two days, they learned and discovered new things in a diverse range of different workshops. They relaxed doing yoga, had so much fun building a solar cooker and learned a lot discussing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with their peers.

Roverway workshops 5

Leyre from Spain attended a WAGGGS workshop about healthy relationships. She explained, "It was very important to talk about how to have healthy relationships and it was nice to see how at the beginning we all had different opinions but by the end of the session, we all arrived at the same conclusions."

Roverway 2018 workshops

Maria Christina, from Cyprus ran against time in the Mission Impossible workshop, focused on time management. She described her experience: "We had to work together as a team to accomplish a set of goals that seem impossible in 30 minutes. One of them was to search for an object that starts with every letter of the alphabet. This was fun and at the same time challenging because you had to learn to communicate with other people you never met before when you have to get a task done. This is definitely going to help me outside Roverway too". 

Roverway workshops 2

Paola from France took part in the Gender and Diversity workshop: "I think this workshop was really great because we were in a safe place where we could talk about everything. I felt it was really interesting to share with other people that we didn't know before about this topic."

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