Girl Powered Nutrition

Good nutrition helps every girl to thrive and reach their full potential.

Good nutrition is essential for young people. Eating too little, eating too much and not eating enough vitamins and minerals can affect school performance and healthy development. Eating well and doing enough exercise as a child or teenager contributes to life-long good health.

We're working in partnership with Nutrition International to ensure that every girl can access good nutrition.

Our nutrition programme

Girls are disproportionately affected by poor nutrition. Ensuring that girls have good knowledge about nutrition can help to stop malnutrition continuing from one generation to the next. Our vision is that healthy and well-nourished girls are able to reach their full potential and are empowered to take actions to break the cycle of malnutrition. We are delivering this new programme in partnership with four of our Member Organisations.

Find out more about nutrition issues in each of the four countries:


Learning together

We're developing a badge programme. Through fun and practical activities girls in our five project countries will learn about the importance of eating the right variety and the right amount of food.

Sri Lanka Girl Guides Association

Taking action

We're supporting girls and young women in our five project countries to leave a positive mark on their local community and to take action to help them make healthy choices for themselves and for you.

112011_march speaking out

Speaking out

Advocacy is an important part of our Nutrition Programme. We're supporting girls to influence decision makers - so that girls' nutrition is prioritised at a national and global level.

092015_Philippines_Brownies waving

Working with young people

Girls and young women have the right to represent their own interests. At every possible moment, we are involving girls in the planning and delivery of this new programme.

About Nutrition International

Founded in 1992, Nutrition International is a global organization dedicated to delivering proven nutrition interventions to those who need them most. Working in partnership with countries, donors and implementers, their experts conduct cutting-edge nutrition research, support critical policy formulation, and integrate nutrition into broader development programs. In more than 60 countries, primarily in Asia and Africa, Nutrition International nourishes people to nourish life.

Visit the Nutrition International website to find out more.

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