Representing young women at the European Youth Forum

At WAGGGS we work every day to champion the rights of girls and young women and to empower them to change the world around them. On this International Day of the Girl, I’m going to share with you one of the key ways in which we ensure that the voices of our members are heard - through the European Youth Forum.

What is the European Youth Forum?

The European Youth Forum (YFJ) is the organisation which brings together national youth councils and international non-governmental youth organisations from across Europe to empower young people to create change, and to advocate for their rights. The vision of the European Youth Forum is “to be the voice of young people in Europe, where young people are equal citizens and are encouraged and supported to achieve their fullest potential as global citizens” (Find out more about the YFJ here).

WAGGGS and the YFJ

WAGGGS is a member organisation of the European Youth Forum, meaning that we take part in projects, events and meetings. We have a vote on new policies and in elections, and can contribute ideas and suggestions to the work of the YFJ. Our Europe Region External Relations team representatives make sure to speak up on behalf of our members, championing the rights of girls and young women across Europe, sharing our work with and learning from other youth organisations.

In November the European Youth Forum will be running elections to appoint its new board for the next two years. The board takes input from YFJ member organisations to create the strategy of the platform, oversees the work to achieve these goals, represents the organisation externally across Europe and works with member organisations.

This year I’m delighted that WAGGGS has decided to put me forward as a candidate for the European Youth Forum board. As a candidate, it’s a great opportunity for me to share my skills and WAGGGS’ expertise, speaking up as a representative of young women across Europe.

My priorities

Below you can see some of my main topic areas for the role. My vision is for a YFJ which prioritises evidence-based advocacy through youth participation, embedding inclusion and targeted campaigns.

Rosalyn's Priorities

I can’t wait to share more about my priorities in the coming weeks, here on the Europe Region blog - so come back soon to hear more! 


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