Finding inspiration when motivation is low

Europe Region Committee member Petra shares her road to finding motivation

I would like to take this opportunity via the blog to apologise. Recently I haven’t been as supportive as I would like to all those who I collaborate with in WAGGGS, especially the working group volunteers. I haven't been a very active committee member either, in regards to my colleagues and to our MO's.

I didn't have the motivation for much, also at work and in my private life. I blame it on the uncertainty of these COVID times as it took a toll on me, mostly because I don't know when it will be better again or what is next.

I'm sure many of you, just like me, had a hard time volunteering and finding the motivation to keep going. With no meetings, no training, no guides, and scouts around me it was difficult to find a purpose of what I do. I'm used to guiding and scouting connecting us and to have activities together in person. We are used to actively engaging and that also gave purpose to me in the past.

I did take some time away from WAGGGS tasks but I am slowly coming back as we prepare for the Academy and start looking at the European conference programme.

It's totally ok to take some time off and come back when we are ready. What helped me a lot was getting involved in some local activities this spring and summer in Slovenia, to see the young scouts and guides having fun camping and making new friends.

My biggest wish for now is to be able to meet with many of you at the European conference next year, if not sooner. I also wish for many of you to get vaccinated, so we can pick up again our regular activities and network, exchange ideas in person and play games that allow us to be close together 😊

But before that I also hope I get some energy back with planning the strategy for Europe region operations for 2022, together with our volunteers in the regional working groups. It's a good way of being able to contribute to the future of our region and make an impact in my last year as a Committee member. Soon we will also be able to plan together with all our MO’s on the triennium plan and hopefully because of that we will connect very closely again.

Petra Stipanic
Committee Member


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