Medals of Service Awarded

Medals of Service were awarded to some of our volunteers

Our region working groups had their first face to face meeting of the Triennium in Germany in May. During the weekend they reviewed their achievements over the past 3 years and began the process of evaluating and handing over to the next teams. During the weekend, five volunteers were awarded with the WAGGGS Medal of Service.

Jemma Lee: Jemma is a member of the External Regions Team for two triennia and is the lead contact for the European Women’s Lobby. She voiced WAGGGS’ agenda on diversity and gender equality with the EWL and led a workshop on women in politics. In the last triennium she participated in the European Action week for Girls, an, where she promoted education as a right, not a privilege. We wish to thank her for her excellent contribution to WAGGGS Europe external relations.

Rosalyn Old: Rosalyn has been a lead volunteer in the external relations team in the last triennium a member of the Communications team this triennium. She is very active with the European Youth Forum, where she is a board member, and where she also contested the elections for Vice President, campaigning on gender and diversity. She is a firm believer that youth should be part of political decision-making, especially with regards to sustainable development.  We wish to thank her for her excellent contribution to WAGGGS external relations.

Ingeborg Korme: Ingeborg is the lead volunteer for Membership Support and Capacity Building. Through hard work, dedication and resilience, the team she led was able to deliver 9 webinars and 3 IC meetings this triennium, and released a long awaited IC induction guide. She has played a key role in the Europe Region being able to deliver quality content and opportunities for exchange for our MOs in a challenging situations, during which she lead the team through many ups and downs. Wish we to honour this work by awarding the Europe Region Medal of Service. 

Sue Clough: Sue is one of two lead volunteers for the Communications team for two triennia. She has provided knowledge, time commitment to the communications working group. From the beginning of the journey, she has helped shape the strategy and identify the purpose, brought vision and always kept the team spirit. Her outstanding leadership has significantly advanced Europe Region’s work and Joint Communication. Her help and dedication during challenging times, numerous uncertainties and staff changes have always been highly valued. We wish to thank her for her outstanding contribution to WAGGGS Communications.

Sam Mason: Sam is one of two lead volunteers for the Communications team this triennium, and she has been highly involved in the communications work in the Europe Region the last two triennia. Since joining the team she has been outstanding in giving life to and visualizing various regional content, creating promotional materials and merchandise, capturing regional work in action, helping with toolkits and campaigns and many more last-minute tasks and projects. Europe Region and WAGGGS has hugely benefited from her extensive experience as a designer and trainer, both for other volunteers and also many staff. We wish to thank her for her outstanding contributions to WAGGGS Communications.

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