We involve Member Organisations and the voice of girls and young women in our operations and key decisions.

We aim to increase the participation of girls, young women and Member Organisations in our decision making through Regional Conferences, committees and working groups with volunteers and leaders from the Region.

Regional Conference

The European Guide Conference (Regional Conference) brings together Member Organisations every three years. During the Conference, senior volunteers and staff from across the Region celebrate achievements of the past three years and discuss strategies for the future development of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting.

The Conference also elects six volunteers to the Europe Committee who work closely with the Europe Region staff based in Brussels.

WAGGGS EU.png WAGGGS Europe Region

Working Groups

At the start of each Triennium, the Region engages with new volunteers to support our work. Each group has a particular focus to support the implementation of the Strategic plan and these volunteer groups for 2020-2022 are:

The Communications Team is tasked with driving and implementing a communications strategy to raise the visibility of Europe Region and improve our engagement and internal communication with Member Organisations. Working with our social media platforms and the Europe area on the WAGGGS website, this team aims to increase WAGGGS’ visibility and to showcase the Region’s work. The team also works jointly with WOSM Europe on running the WE Connect platform which shares opportunities, news, projects and resources of both organisations.

The Comms Team is made up of: Lilit (Committee); Lead volunteers Sue (UK) and Sam (UK); Alexandros (Greece), Hana (Slovenia), Marianna (Greece), Nanna (Denmark), Rosalyn (UK), Verena (Germany).

The External Relations Team represents WAGGGS Europe and pushes its agenda in European youth and women platforms. The focus remains to be following up and contributing to policy-making which has an impact on the well-being of young people in the Europe region, including the promotion of non-formal education, gender equality, violence against women, active citizenship and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. To be more vocal, the team aims at strengthening existing partnerships with other youth and women organisations and exploring new ones.

The External Relations Team is made up of: Stephanie (Committee); lead volunteers Eleni (Greece) and Vera (Netherlands); Alice (Italy); Dadi (Iceland), Giulia (Italy), Jemma (Ireland), Liv (Denmark), Rosalyn (UK), Sarah (Ireland), Venusia (Norway) and Victoria (UK).

The MO Support / Capacity Building Team (short MOCa team) helps Member Organisations (MOs) in Europe Region reach their fullest potential. The team offers support and trainings upon MOs’ requests in many different areas such as governance, programme and others mentioned in the WAGGGS Capacity Assessment Tool (CAT). It also has a sub-group focused on supporting new and experienced International Commissioners in their roles. One of the areas this team will be working on this triennium is supporting Member Organisations to bring WAGGGS closer to their members.

The MOCa Team is made up of: Paula (Committee); Lead volunteer Ingeborg (Norway); Agnija (Latvia), Georgios (Greece), Jennifer (UK), Koraline (Netherlands), Monika (Poland), Regula (Switzerland), Yvonne (Ireland), Zuzana (Czech Republic).

The Sustainable Development Goals Team focuses on environment and gender equality. They are developing training materials on sustainability and support Member Organisations in how to run more sustainable events.

The Sustainable Development Goals Team is made up of: Petra (Committee), Lead volunteers Inês (Portugal) and Eszter (Iceland ); Selina (Austria), Ea (Denmark), Iiris (Finland), Christine (France), Anja (Germany), Mirta (Italy), Magdalena (Poland), Estel.la (Spain), Ursula (Switzerland), Emma (UK), Anna (UK), Margrethe Grønvold Friis (Denmark).

DSC_3755.jpg Europe Region volunteers pictured at Our Chalet in 2019
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