Here are some great resources and activities created by leaders, Associations, and other organisations from around the world.

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Argentina Logo Resized.png

ARGENTINA- Asociación Guías Argentinas (SPANISH)

Asociación Guías Argentinas brings Guiding to the homes of their members through #GuidismoEnCasa! Check out their Facebook page for fun weekly activities such as virtual games, trivia, and meeting other Guides online.

Australia Logo Resized.png

AUSTRALIA- Girl Guides Australia (ENGLISH)

Guides Connect 2020, is the newest badge programme launched by Girl Guides Australia. They have added some helpful hints on how to work on the badge in a virtual world.

Girl Guides Victoria, one of their State Girl Guide Organisations, now has its own "show", Girl Guides TV (GGTV), where Girl Guides will be taking you through Arts, Life Skills, Outdoors, Service, & STEM in a weekly Girl Guides episode.

Austria Logo Resized.png

AUSTRIA - The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of Austria (GERMAN)

Vorarlberger Pfadfinder und Pfadfinderinnen (The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of Austria) are helping members stay active and engaged by releasing daily #StayAtHome challenges via their Facebook page.

Belgium- FOS Logo Resized.png


FOS Open Scouting has created a game with a different theme each month to help you "Go green". Some of the activities can be completed from home, and like completing a badge, you upload photos or videos online showing what you have completed.

Belgium- SGV Logo Resized.png

BELGIUM - Scouts and Guides Flanders (FLEMISH)

Gidsen Vlaanderen (SGV) has developed tips on how to combat boredom while staying at home. They encouraged Girl Guides and Scouts to play together online using social media, have fun with bundles of games, read and participate in a Sketch-up programme.

Girl Guides of Canada

CANADA - Girl Guides of Canada (ENGLISH)

Girl Guides of Canada has launched "Guiding @ Home"- their newest programme which offers various stay-at-home activities, virtual campfires and online talent shows for girls, guide leaders and their families.

Chile Logo Resized.png

CHILE - Association of Guides and Scouts of Chile (SPANISH)

O'Higgins District of the Association of Guides and Scouts of Chile has created the set of activities #JuntosEnCasa, which has various activities and challenges for the young members to stay active and carry out from their homes.

Cyprus Logo Resized.png

CYPRUS - The Girl Guides Association of Cyprus (GREEK)

The Girl Guides Association of Cyprus post regular challenges, activities and games via their Facebook page. Girl Guides from across the country have been sharing their completed activities and the fun they have been getting up to at home.

Denmark- Green Girl Scouts Logo Resized.png

DENMARK -The Green Girl Scouts (DANISH)

Are you bored? The Green Girl Scouts have come up with a guide of 17 things you can do alone or with friends at a distance.

France Scoutisme Francais Logo Resized.png

FRANCE - French Scouting Federation - SF - (FRENCH)

Scouts et Guides de France - SGDF.png

FRANCE - Guides and Scouts of France - SGDF - (FRENCH)

The Scouts et Guides de France (SGDF) distributes a newsletter called “La Malle d’Activités” twice a week to parents with local initiatives. Their Leaders receive a newsletter called “Scoutisme à distance” once a week. They also have a Volunteers Engagement Charter.

Parents newsletters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 / Leaders newsletters: 1 | 2 | 3

France LaToileScoute Logo Resized.png

FRANCE: Les Eclaireuses et Eclaireurs Unionistes de France: LaToileScoute- (FRENCH)

Our sisters from LaToileScoute laid out their proposals for Scout Challenges which range from small and simple activities to tests of larger distance games.

Ghana Logo Resized.png

GHANA- The Ghana Girl Guides Association -(ENGLISH)

The Ghana Girl Guides are going virtual with #GGGAcentonline! Keep one eye on their Facebook page to stay up to date with their online centenary celebrations.

Greece Logo Resized.png

GREECE - Greek Guiding Association (GREEK)

For everyone's safety people are encouraged to stay home. To make your hours at home enjoyable and more creative, the Greek Guiding Association has come up with ideas that can help.

The ideas are for everyone, from parents to younger children. From young people who are working alone or online with friends. The ideas ... will be updated and enriched weekly. We Stay Home - Ideas from the Star Branch

Iceland Logo Resized.png

ICELAND - The Icelandic Boy and Girl Scout Association (ICELANDIC)


Don't get bored even though the community is in quarantine. Deal with the situation with cheerfulness and curiosity, by solving fun scouting tasks! Every day, the Icelandic Boy and Girl Scout Association share one project that anyone can do at home.

India Logo Resized.png

INDIA- Bharat Scouts and Guides -(ENGLISH)

The Bharat Scouts and Guides is keeping their members active from a distance via the Sankalp Initiative. This initiative contains a set of activities where you can learn about Nature, Environment, SDGs and digitally engage as global citizens through a range of 4 different sets of Challenges & activities.

They have also released the COVID19 Warriors Handbook.

Ireland CG Logo Resized.png

IRELAND - Catholic Guides of Ireland (ENGLISH)

Ireland IGG Logo Resized.png


IGG held two "Camp at Home" weekends for their members. The activity packs include camp challenges to do from home. One of these coincided with World Environment Day and some of the challenges included in this pack are based around sustainable camping. This year, they invited everyone to take part in their virtual Go Global Challenge. It can be downloaded by clicking here. The special "Girl" edition of their magazine Trefoil News was also sent in May to youth members.

Israel Logo Resized.png

ISRAEL- Hebrew Boy and Girl Scouts Association (HEBREW)

Programme activities you can do while staying at home has been put online by the Hebrew Scouts Movement in Israel. The name of the page is “Scouts for All (situations)” = “צופים לכל (מצב)”. They also have virtual programme guidelines for Leaders of Scouts with Special Needs and a collection of videos and activities containing ideas for Scouting from Home on their website.

Italy logo Resized.png

ITALY - Federazione Italiana dello Scautismo (ITALIAN)

Quarantine at the online museum. Let's discover the activity organised virtually by the CNGEI Company of Buccinasco to enter and visit the online museums in this period of quarantine.

Lebanon Logo Resized.png

LEBANON -Association Des Guides du Liban- (ENGLISH)

Association Des Guides du Liban has formed a virtual Choir and moved hearts around the world with their powerful song, "I am 1 Voice".

Malaysia Logo Resized.png

MALAYSIA- Girl Guides Association Malaysia (ENGLISH)

A team of young leaders in Malaysia have put together a series of creative challenges to help Girl Guides spend time more meaningfully while staying indoors! The#GGStayAtHomeChallenge contains activities to complete at home on your own, with your families, or online with friends. GGAM has also shared its COVID-19 Responses, #KitaJagaKita which means "we take care of each other, regardless of race, religion, beliefs and social status."

Malta Logo Resized.png

Malta - The Malta Girl Guides Association (ENGLISH)

The Malta Girl Guides has launched a challenge that will see kids and people of all ages, who are currently staying at home, participating in different activities to help beat the boredom of staying indoors during these difficult times. The Malta Girl Guides Quarantine Challenge, or better yet,  #mggquarantinechallenge, this challenge consists of a challenge launched every 2 days via Facebook.


MAURITIUS - Mauritius Girl Guides Association (English)

The Mauritius Girl Guides Association has launched a kit of activities for all our members confined actually at home during the Covid-19 quarantine. “The MGGA Covid Challenge Pack” is designed to keep Blue-Birds, Guides, Rangers and Young Leaders active at home during their meeting time, through interactive activities, quiz, crafts, among others; Some of these activities being linked directly to the present situation and others to their girl guides experience and general knowledge.

MONTENEGRO- Scouts and Guides of Montenegro -(ENGLISH/CROATIAN)

The Scouts and Guides of Montenegro came up to an idea to organise a competition - Scout League Online. Find out more about the competition and activities here. They also update their YouTube channel with regular material.

Keep an eye on their Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channel to see their upcoming six-week activity supported by UNICEF Montenegro.

Nepal Logo Resized.png

NEPAL- Nepal Scouts (ENGLISH)

Nepal Scouts has released Volume 01 of their Covid-19 Response Activity Pack with the aim to involve scouts at grass root levels in different activities. In celebration of Global Environment Day and Global Day of Parents, the pack also contains activities under the theme of environmental preservation which they can do with their parents.


NETHERLANDS- Scouting Nederland (DUTCH)

Scouting Nederland has a website full of adventures you can do at home! Check out their website to explore a safari in your own home, put your bedroom "underwater", discover the power of the sun and other fun activities.

Philippines Logo Resized.png

PHILIPPINES- Girl Scouts of the Philippines (ENGLISH)

The Girl Scouts of the Philippines are working on a #FightCOVID19GSPChallengeBadge Programme with lots of online interaction and output.

Poland Logo Resized.png

POLAND - The Polish Scouting and Guiding Association (POLISH)

Scouts and Guides from Poland have come up with amazing initiatives to bring Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting online:

  • #ZdalneHARCE: a 5-week programme which includes a set of activities and tasks that were prepared to support unit and patrol leaders in continuing their work remotely.
  • #razemalezdalnie (#togetherbutremotely) via their Facebook page: activities to reach and inspire their members to continue Guiding/Scouting in their own homes.
  • and the HarcApp Scout app which features games, scouts singers, a book of recipes and a scout dictionary in several languages. Available on Android and IOS.
Singapore Logo Resized.png

SINGAPORE- Girl Guides Singapore (ENGLISH)

Learn new skills at home through Girl Guides Singapore's Circuit Breaker Challenge! Explore their activities that prompt us to Stay Curious, Stay Safe, and Stay Home.

Slovenia Logo Resized.png

SLOVENIA - The Slovene Catholic Girl Guides and Boy Scouts Association (ENGLISH and SLOVENIAN)

The Association has developed a website to understand how their members are coping. It consists of the psychological test DASS. The results can help users recognise if they need to seek professional help. The Association also aims to use it as a tool to consider mental health in planning their future activities. The content was prepared by a volunteer with a background on psychology, and was proof-read by their Chief Scout who is a medical doctor and an assistant professor at the Faculty of Medicine.

Guias de Aragon Logo Resized.png

SPAIN - Federacion Española de Guidismo (FEG)- Girl Guides Association of Aragon - (SPANISH)

Asociación Guías de Aragón, had an online Girl Guide festival and regularly share activities and challenges with their members via Facebook. You can see the highlights from their festival here.

Download 5 weeks of challenges here.

Sri Lanka Logo Resized.png

SRI LANKA- Sri Lanka Girl Guides Association (ENGLISH)

Sri Lanka Girl Guides Association has launched their 14-Day Quarantine Challenge with different themes to explore each day!

Switzerland Logo Resized.png


Mouvement Scout de Suisse has launched #Homescouting - a collection of activities under six areas which are not only fun but also promote the overall development of children and adolescents. Their website is available in German, French and Italian.

Tanzania Logo Resized.png

TANZANIA- Tanzania Girl Guides Association - (ENGLISH)

Participants of the YESS Girls movement in Tanzania have been doing different online campaigns on Facebook to stay connected to the other Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. They use their Facebook page to share knowledge and also get other Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to share their ideas and experiences.

TUNISIA- Les Scouts Tunisiens (ARABIC)

Les Scouts Tunisiens has come up with the idea of having a Virtual National Forum for Rovers in Tunisia.

Turkey Logo Resized.png

TURKEY - Türkiye İzcilik Federasyonu (TURKISH)

The Scouting and Guiding Federation of Turkey is sharing its activities during COVID-19 with a Prezi presentation. In addition to the community work TIF's members are doing, here you will also find daily training held by their Chief Scout and an interview of their President of Technical Committee discussing how scouting develops a sense of responsibility and leadership in children.

UK Logo Resized.png

UK - Girlguiding (ENGLISH)

The adventures don't stop just because we're staying home - Girlguiding in the UK has created #AdventuresAtHome. Activities and adventures to keep yourself occupied during this difficult time - fun for kids, adults, everyone!

USA Logo Resized.png

USA - Girl Scouts of the USA (ENGLISH)

GSUSA has developed self-guided, free activities to keep your girl, your troop, and your community connected. Activities to complete at home.

In honour of the Olympics and quarantine lifestyle, the Girl Scouts of Citrus Orlando Florida have created the Health Olympian Spring Challenge! The Health Olympian challenge is an engaging health & wellness activity for Girl Scouts of all levels, that they can do in their own home.

UN IASC COVID Storybook Resized.png

UNITED NATIONS-Inter-Agency Standing Committee (ENGLISH + 23 Other Languages)

The UN Inter-Agency Standing Committee Reference Group on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings (IASC MHPSS RG) has come up with "My Hero is You" a storybook developed for and by children to help them to understand Covid-19. The storybook covers a lot of aspects including children’s mental health and psychosocial needs during the COVID-19 outbreak. You may access it through this page. It is available in English + 23 Other Languages such as French, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Spanish and Etc.

WASH United COVID Comic Resized.png


Welthungerhilfe and WASH United have partnered with an expert from the Institute for Hygiene and Environmental Medicine, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin in producing a comic strip that provides young people between the ages of 10 and 14 with information about coronavirus and other preventative hygiene measures. This generic comic strip, which can be used all over the world, is available in more than 25 languages and can be downloaded by visiting this page.

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