We need people like you to help us make noise, to stop violence against girls across the globe. The time for silence is over - we are building from a whisper to a shout!

Why should I add my voice?

Your voice means a lot to us. We need to show governments, international agencies, law-enforcers, local community figures, and the general public that there is a global movement that wants to stop violence against girls. Our campaign counter shows how many voices we've collected so far so you can see our global community growing in real time! This shows how many people have committed to speaking out against violence against girls.

What will happen with my voice?

Your voice will help us in our lobbying and campaigning activities.

It will help us enact change for girls all around the world. While we will continue to collect general commitments to the campaign we will also now begin collecting voices for specific calls to decision-makers at the regional or global level or to celebrate the success of notable individual efforts to fight inequality and promote girls' rights.

Right now we are collecting voices to support our call for all countries in the Council of Europe to ratify the Istanbul Convention.

How can I add my voice?

You can add your voice by submitting a message or simply by giving us your name, gender, email address and location. You can also send us an audio file of your voice by emailing stoptheviolence@wagggs.org and letting us know we can add this as a voice on our campaign counter.

Your submission can be short, long, in any language, and you can add your voice to as many of the different calls as you like, however we will ask you to indicate whether or not your voice has already been added to the general campaign counter.

We will never publish any personal details including your full name, your email address or any contact details. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

For inspiration, view some of our current voices.

Add your voice

Call on ALL countries in the Council of Europe to ratify the Istanbul Convention and commit to ending the violence!

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