Take part in ground-breaking, global research at a grassroots level to help fill in the knowledge gaps in understanding the issue of violence against girls and effective solutions in combating it.

Through our research programme, the World Association aims to answer the questions of what makes spaces safe for girls and where it is safest to be a girl. What role can girls themselves play in ending violence and how can we best involve boys and men? Over the next five years we will develop research programmes and reports that look at answering these neglected questions.

What can you do to support the World Association’s research and policy work? Here is what you can do to help:

• Send us research your organization has done on violence against girls so we can combine it to form a global picture. Email your research to stoptheviolence@wagggs.org.

• Send us stories and case studies of you and your association’s work on the Stop the Violence campaign and/or the Voices against Violence curriculum. This will not only act as research on the impact of non-formal education on the issue of violence against girls but it will help to form our global policies around the issue.

• If your association is already implementing the Voices against Violence curriculum use our Monitoring and Evaluation tools to measure the impact of the actions you are taking

• Support us with expertise and funding to conduct research on violence and effective solutions to violence

"Without realizing indirectly, Violence is actually happening in Malaysia widely. With the knowledge and ways of approaches [I have] learnt, I have taken the first step to spread the message in my country and I will not stop until I see the results... Because I believe CHANGE starts from ME!"

Azizah, Malaysia

Tell us your Stop the Violence story today

Have you been working on the Stop the Violence campaign? Share your success with us by emailing stoptheviolence@wagggs.org

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