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The World Thinking Day Fund offers girls and Member Organisations life-changing opportunities to transform their community and their world.

Donate offline with the World Thinking Day donation form by Cheque, Credit Card, Bank Transfer or for USA donors the World Foundation.

We're accepting donations up until 31 December 2021.

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Once you have successfully completed your fundraising activities and collected your money, you have three options to send it to WAGGGS

  • Your national association – Contact them first, many national associations collect donations to send to WAGGGS.
  • Directly to WAGGGS – You can donate online or by Cheque, Credit Card or Bank Transfer or Fundraise Online
  • Donors from the USA can donate through the World Foundation

Get your World Thinking Day Certificate when you send your donation

Every individual or group which makes a donation will receive a Thank you letter and World Thinking Day Certificate as our way of showing our gratitude for all of your hard work!

You can create an online fundraiser with your unit, or by yourself, through JustGiving or Virgin.

How your donations are changing girls' lives

Every year, World Thinking Day encourages Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to think about the big issues affecting them and their global community, from poverty, gender inequality, environmental sustainability and access to education. 2020 brought with it unprecedented change, and girls within the Movement adapted. We take forward what we learnt to another challenging year ahead.

Since 1932, this day has been an important opportunity to raise valuable funds for the World Thinking Day Fund, which helps transform the lives of girls and young women, by creating international life-changing opportunities. Now more than ever this fund is needed, as the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed inequalities across our societies and highlighted the specific risks and vulnerabilities that girls and young women face.

This year your donations will go towards building a future where girls and young women of the Movement can create change and bring about peace. Read more about how your donations last year helped to create a more diverse and inclusive Movement.

You are helping Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to speak out and challenge issues violating women’s rights

Your donations to the World Thinking Fund continue to support WAGGGS Flagship Stop the Violence campaign. In response to the global pandemic the Stop the Violence team organised a series of learning events in June and July 2020 that included four webinars and a girl-led advocacy panel which have had an incredible response across the world. More than 1,900 people have joined or viewed the ‘Shadow Pandemic’ panel, hosted by six Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. You are helping girls to receive dynamic training and learning on how to continue speaking out in their communities about their experiences, lobby decision makers and call for laws and policies to protect girls and women.

You are helping to bring about positive change and create a more inclusive Movement

The global pandemic changed our world and brought with it unexpected challenges. Thanks to the World Thinking Day Fund we were able to support girls within the Movement to stay positive and be a leading light. We created a series of online challenges to keep girls active and connected to guiding online. This was in the form of the positivity patrol, an online digital guiding offer which included guidelines, tips and a series of web pages and webinars about staying connected. The Positivity Patrol consists of 10 challenges to keep everyone in the Movement active throughout these challenging times when many were not able to meet face-to-face. This focused on developing leadership through self-guided activity that could be completed remotely. The aim was to spread positivity in a time when there was a lot of worrying and negative messages capturing our attention. Your support allowed girls to have an active and positive response in an uncertain time.

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You have helped create the leaders of tomorrow

This year’s activity pack provided girls with a space to learn their leadership mindsets. With your support, we were able to host the Juliette Low Seminar (JLS), our flagship leadership development event for young people. Nearly 500 girls attended in 18 different locations across the world. The JLS participants returned home as leaders, able to speak out for gender equality in their societies and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. These young women will be able create a positive change in their communities and inspire other girls to take the lead. This diverse and supportive global network has shared its learning by participating in the 100 Girls Project. Participants from the JLS have each committed to pass their knowledge on to 100 girls, meaning 50,000 girls aged 12+ will develop new leadership practices to take the lead in their own communities.

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1965 Olave Baden-Powell

There are a million of us. I am not good at arithmetic and I will not make any calculations which may not come true. But a penny, or two cents, or four annas or enough centimes or groschen or Heller or Filler or ore to make the same value, is not an immense amount, especially when it is perhaps saved or earned and given with a willing hand.

Lady Olave Baden-Powell, 1 November 1932

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