World Thinking Day Fund

The World Thinking Day Fund offers girls and Member Organisations life-changing opportunities to transform their community and their world.

General Donation Information

  1. Donate online by clicking here
  2. Donate offline with the World Thinking Day donation form by Cheque, Credit Card, Bank Transfer.
  3. Or for USA donors please donate through the World Foundation.


Once you have successfully completed your fundraising activities and collected your money, you have three options to send it to WAGGGS

  • Through your national association – Contact them first, many national associations collect donations to send to WAGGGS.
  • Directly to WAGGGS – You can donate online or by Cheque, Credit Card or Bank Transfer or Fundraise Online
  • Donors from the USA can donate through the World Foundation

Get your World Thinking Day Certificate when you send your donation!

Every group that makes a donation will receive a Thank you letter and World Thinking Day Certificate as our way of showing our gratitude for all of your hard work

Your Impact

Congo Democratic Republic

This day is a way for YOU and others to show your appreciation for the opportunities that Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting has provided in your life. You have the chance to share and give back experiences that have helped shape who you are today. Supporting World Thinking Day shows you want others to join and learn from the experience of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting.

The fund needs your support so that WAGGGS can continue enabling Member Organisations and girls to continue feeling part of the Movement. As we look ahead to World Thinking Day 2024 and you start to meet up with your units, troops and friends, we ask that you continue to donate to the World Thinking Day Fund for this year as you have done before. It is crucial that WAGGGS can continue to develop and offer essential programmes, training and opportunities so that girls can be the leaders of our world and create an equal future.

Where have your donations made a difference?

For the Movement to best contribute to creating an equal world where all girls can thrive, we must become a girl-led Movement. The World Thinking Day Fund has been used to help achieve WAGGGS strategic goals. The fund has been allocated to help expand WAGGGS work in these areas:

Thriving Member Organisations, Thriving Movement

You have provided vital funds that have helped WAGGGS develop resources and educate capacity building volunteers, that can train and support our Member Organisations.

International Connections and Global Community

Your continued support of the World Thinking Day Fund has made it possible for the Campfire platform to be created.

Quality Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting

You helped keep our World Centres going when they had to close their doors, and your commitment has meant they are now able to start thriving again.

Leadership and Voice

Your support for the World Thinking Day Fund allowed WAGGGS to plan and prepare for leadership seminars like Juliette Low and Helen Storrow.

1965 Olave Baden-Powell

There are a million of us. I am not good at arithmetic and I will not make any calculations which may not come true. But a penny, or two cents, or four annas or enough centimes or groschen or Heller or Filler or ore to make the same value, is not an immense amount, especially when it is perhaps saved or earned and given with a willing hand.

Lady Olave Baden-Powell, 1 November 1932

Fundraising Team

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