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Every year, World Thinking Day has a different theme that Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world can learn about and take action on.

World Thinking Day 2022

WTD 2022 Activity Pack Cover

We hope you will use this pack to celebrate World Thinking Day and stand together with over ten million Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in 150 countries to call for climate action and gender equality; in our lives and in the world.

Connection to our environment and the natural world has been a pillar of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting since the Movement started over a century ago and is as vital and relevant today as ever.

The activities in this pack enable Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to:


  • Learn more about climate change and why it matters
  • Explore urgent environmental issues in the world today
  • Understand how our actions impact the environment


  • Understand why women and girls are more affected by climate change
  • Reflect on the link between gender equality and the environment in their lives
  • Explore how girls and women can take action for the environment


  • Identify what needs to change to protect the environment
  • Plan to protect the environment in their daily life
  • Be inspired to speak out and take action on the environment and support others in their communities to do so

Earn your World Thinking Day 2022 badge with these easy steps:

Step 1: Create a ‘brave space’ for your group so that they are ready to fully participate

Step 2: Choose your environmental changemaker

Step 3: Complete at least one activity from each section of the pack (Understand the issue, Practise your gender equality mindset and Take action)

Step 4: Write a letter to our world, for our equal future

Step 5: Share your letter on social media @WAGGGSworld and using #OurWorldOurFuture, #WTD2022 and #WAGGGS.

Pre-order your World Thinking Day badge and pin!

WTD 2022 badge.jpg

World Thinking Day 2022 Design Assets

We are excited to share our creative graphics specially designed to promote WTD on social media – update your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter today by clicking the link below!

You will also find a presentation template with introductory slides and inspirational change-maker stories!

Everything is available in all four WAGGGS languages here: World Thinking Day 2022_Brand Assets | Trello

World Thinking Day 2022 – 2024

This year’s World Thinking Day starts a three-year journey for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to become environmentally conscious leaders.

Each year we will build on this environmental theme and explore the links between the environment and other global concerns.

2022: Our World, Our Equal Future; The environment and gender equality

Climate change and environmental degradation are threatening our world, and our future. This year's WTD activity pack, Our World, Our Equal Future, celebrates women and girls who have made a difference as environmental changemakers. Their stories will inspire you to learn and explore the link between the environment and gender equality.

2023: Our World, Our Peaceful Future; The environment, peace and security

2024: Our World, Our Thriving Future; The environment and global poverty

Thank you to the World Thinking Day volunteers

The following volunteers supported the creation of the World Thinking Day activity pack:

  • Alyssa Meredith (USA)
  • Cat Moody (UK)
  • Laura Marmolejo Requiz (Venezeula)
  • Mel Reoch (Australia)
  • Saotra Rasetasoa (Madagascar)
  • Seren Beautyman (UK)
  • Verena Kunberger (Germany)
  • World Centre volunteers

Penpal and postcard exchange

Exchanging postcards of friendship is a long-standing tradition for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world. Members looking to set up connections with Member Organisations in other countries should use the verified contact pages for the International Commissioner office on the Our World section of the website.

WAGGGS Volunteers can also create international connections by joining our International Volunteer Network– all members in the network have been verified and approved as Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting members by their International Commissioner.

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