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Discover how we support WAGGGS members around the world to offer their youth members the best possible experience.

The Girl Guide and Girl Scout experience is everything that young people do during their time as a youth member of the Movement. 

At its best, it gives young people a safe space to:

  • Be themselves
  • Connect with others and make lasting friendships
  • Take the lead and try new exciting activities 
  • Develop life skills
  • Get the support they need to make life choices 

When this doesn’t happen, young people leave. When people don’t know what the Movement can offer, it is seen as outdated and irrelevant to young people today. 

So how can we offer a richer and more relevant experience?

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WAGGGS provides three key areas of support to Member Organisations:


How can we define and describe the Girl Guide and Girl Scout Experience? Our policy work draws on the latest thinking in non-formal education and global trends affecting girls and young women, and explores how young people and adults learn and develop. We create tools to articulate our educational method and support the development of trainers and leaders. 

Capacity Building

WAGGGS’ programme and training team works directly with our Regions and Member Organizations to provide targeted support in strengthening the Girl Guide and Girl Scout experience. This includes support to update national educational programmes and revise adult training, learning and development frameworks. We also offer workshops, webinars and consultancy services. 

Want to modernize the experience you offer young people, or explore innovative ways to support and develop your volunteers? Discover more in our case studies.  

Global Programmes

Our global programmes explore topics that girls and young women identify as relevant to their lives, such as body-confidence, online safety, and taking action in the community. These can be adapted and integrated into the national educational programmes of any WAGGGS Member Organisation. All programmes use the Girl Guide and Girl Scout educational method to create self-directed learning spaces. Participants don’t just learn new things but develop the skills, attitudes and behaviours to be confident and competent 21st century global citizens. 

None of this work could be possible without the expertise, energy and commitment of our volunteer resource pool. 

Are you an expert in: 

  • Non-formal education and experiential learning? 
  • Youth or adult development?
  • Programme writing?
  • Training design?

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