Girl Powered Nutrition launch series of digital challenges

30 April 2020
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Good nutrition helps us to reach our full potential. During these tough times, it is important that we look after ourselves and eat the right foods that help us to stay healthy.


To help you learn about good nutrition, WAGGGS invites you to get involved in the Girl Powered Nutrition (GPN) challenge series!

We’ll post a new challenge every two weeks for you to complete at home – each relating to a different stage of the GPN badge. If you have more time, why not complete the Extra Plate activities too?

You’ll get a flavour of what our GPN badge involves, learn about what your body needs to stay healthy, and have fun along the way!

Track your progress through the challenges by making your own badge tracker. Why not print this out and colour in each stage as you complete the challenges? Or draw your own!

Badge Tracker English

Want to know more about Girl Powered Nutrition?

The GPN team

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